Vast Pedo Conspiracy: Corruption in High Places

Max Musson
Western Spring
July 9, 2014


I am reminded of a fictional character, US Senator Pat Geary, who is portrayed by G. D. Spradlin in the film ‘The Godfather Part II’. In this film Senator Geary is initially seen attending the communion celebration for Anthony Corleone, the son of Michael Corleone the head of the Corleone crime family around whom the film is centred.

Geary publicly accepts a substantial contribution in Anthony’s name as a donation for a local university, but while speaking before the large gathering, Geary mispronounces the boy’s name and also refers to Michael Corleone’s wife by the wrong name.

Later Geary meets with Michael Corleone in his office. The Corleone family have obtained control of several casinos in Nevada and Geary offers to help obtain a disputed gaming license in exchange for an exorbitant bribe.  Contemptuous of the Corleone family  he launches into tirade against them and Italian Americans in general, calling them “oily-haired” and “dirty”, and this time pronounces “Corleone” correctly but mockingly, indicating that he had previously mispronounced the name intentionally.

Senator Geary says that he despises Michael and all he stands for and that he intends to ‘squeeze’ the Corleone family for all he can get. He gives Michael a day to respond to his offer but as he starts to leave, Michael responds by telling him that he should get them the license for free, he says that Geary should pay the $20,000 license fee for them out of his own pocket.

Later in the film, Geary spends the night with a prostitute in a brothel run by Michael’s brother Fredo. Having passed out, Geary awakens in a bed covered in blood next to the woman, who is dead. The Corleone family ‘consigliere’ Tom Hagen arrives on the scene and tells a terrified Geary that since the woman has no family, the matter can be safely covered up. Hagen promises Geary, “All that will be left is our friendship.”


It is apparent that the Corleones have engineered this situation, probably by drugging Geary and a Corleone assassin, Al Neri, is seen in the bathroom wiping his hands with a towel, indicating that it was in fact he who had murdered the prostitute.

As the film progresses, it is evident that the Corleones are able to blackmail the Senator over the incident with the prostitute, as Geary is seen speaking and acting in their defence at a number of key moments in the film.

Clearly, contriving to embroil key individuals in sex scandals that are then ‘covered up’, is a well known method employed by criminal organisations, of gaining control over public figures in order to exploit the influence of their offices for illicit gain. It should come as no surprise therefore that there have been occasional instances where a public figure in this country has fallen from grace when a dark secret they have managed to keep secret for many years has finally been made public for one reason or another.

In 1964 the Sunday Mirror exposed the relationship between Tory peer Lord Boothby and the Ronnie Kray, the younger brother of the notorious gangsters, the Kray Brothers. Homosexuality was still illegal at that time and it appears that in return for political ‘favours’, Ronnie Kray provided Boothby who was bisexual, with a  supply of pliable young men and boys with whom to satisfy his secret lust. The full extent of the political corruption wrought by the Krays was not uncovered for many years however, as the Sunday Mirror, a  Labour newspaper, gave in to pressure from the Labour Party and discontinued their exposé, for fear of implicating the Labour MP and notorious Jewish homosexual, Tom Driberg.

Pressure in the form of threats including legal action were brought against the proprietor of the Mirror Group and the newspaper eventually sacked their editor, apologised, and paid Lord Boothby £40,000 in an out-of-court settlement. Furthermore, it has been claimed that journalists who investigated Boothby were subjected to legal threats and break-ins, and that much of this suppression was directed by Arnold Goodman, the Jewish lawyer and political adviser to Harold Wilson. Goodman was awarded a life peerage for his work in 1965.

Very recently it has come to light that in 1983, Geoffrey Dickens the Tory MP for Huddersfield West, said he had in a dossier the names of eight ‘really important, public figures’ that he would expose in Parliament unless they were arrested by the police. The public figures concerned were alleged to have participated in paedophile activities and are thought to include MPs, civil servants, a diplomat and even a Buckingham Palace official. It was alleged that some were members of PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, a pressure group that campaigned for the legalisation of sex with children.

One of the eight was described by Dickens as a ‘friend’ and this friend may have been Peter Morrison, who was Mrs Thatcher’s private secretary at the time. According to the Daily Mail, he was once described by fellow Conservative Edwina Currie as a ‘noted pederast with a liking for young boys’.

Morrison is known to have frequented public gardens ‘cruising’ for men to have sex with and on one occasion was caught cottaging in public toilets with underage boys. However, instead of being prosecuted he was merely released with a caution. He died after a heart attack in 1995 aged 51.

Loathsome fat child molesting bastard Cyril Smith.

The Liberal MP for Rochdale, Cyril Smith, who was exposed as a paedophile after his death, is also believed to be another of the MPs named in Geoffrey Dickens’ dossier. The Police submitted files about Smith’s abuse of boys in his hometown of Rochdale in 1970, 1998 and 1999, but each time prosecutors recommended that no action should be taken.

In 1981 Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name the diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, who lived a secret life as a paedophile. He was member number ‘330’ of the Paedophile Information Exchange and rented at flat in Notting Hill Gate under a false name, in which he stored PIE literature and graphic correspondence with fellow paedophiles.

When police raided the flat in 1978 they found a huge quantity of paedophile material and other extreme pornography, including forty-five diaries in which Sir Peter had recorded in great detail his sexual behaviour and his sexual fantasies, the latter including sex with minors. However, much to the anger and disbelief of the Obscene Publications Squad Hayman was let off with a caution.

It now transpires that former Home Secretary Leon Brittan is currently facing calls from more than 130 MPs for an enquiry into his handling of a missing dossier on the Westminster paedophile ring. It appears that Geoffrey Dickens passed on his dossier plus over one hundred additional files to Brittan in 1983 and while the former Home Secretary wrote to Dickens in 1984 stating that the files had been referred to prosecutors, no action was taken and all of the files have since disappeared.

So commonplace now are revelations of paedophile activity; those listed above; the revelations concerning show business personalities under Operation Yewtree; and the exposure of the Muslim paedophile gangs operating in virtually every major town or city across this country, that one might be forgiven for thinking that if these celebrities are typical of our gender, the entire male species has descended into sexual perversion, however I do not believe this is what the evidence shows.

My belief is that there is a need for our political establishment to control the large numbers of public figures that must now be aware of the conspiratorial activities corrupting political life and who might otherwise be inclined to speak out in such a way as to alarm the public and alert them as to what is going on. I believe public figures have for decades now been induced into compromising themselves, in much the same way as the fictional US Senator Pat Geary was induced into compromising himself in the film ‘The Godfather II’, with the exception that the ‘bait’ placed in the ‘trap’ is no longer a prostitute working in a brothel, but vulnerable children often to be found in orphanages, but also to be found among the star-struck young fans of celebrities, momentarily besotted by the apparent fame, power and glamour of their attackers.

Once an aspiring politician or celebrity has been caught in a compromising position, abusing or raping a child, such people, like Senator Geary, find themselves unable to resist the demands of their ‘handlers’, who hide the evidence so that,  ‘All that will be left is [their] friendship’ and of course the lifelong obedience required to keep that evidence hidden.

Celebrity paedophiles and establishment paedophiles are therefore not representative of the male gender as a whole, they are a group selected on the basis of their susceptibility to and shown proclivity for paedophilia in the first place, because those who cannot be compromised, corrupted and controlled are of no use to the evil men and women who conspire to destroy our nation.

Leon Brittan, allegedly part of the pedophile group and the man entrusted with the government’s files that exposed it.