Rampant Pedophilia in the British Establishment Cannot Go on for Much Longer

Nick Griffin
July 20, 2014

Journalist Don Hale was handed a 30 page dossier on establishment paedophiles and the Police took it from him and the government silenced him.

D-Notice revelations prove deliberate cover-up. Nick Griffin explains the true significance of the latest Paedogate revelations

Any group of adult human beings can contain paedophiles who keep their evil perversion secret. It is not the presence of child molesters in an organisation that condemns it, but what the organisation does about them when they are uncovered.

In the case of the British Establishment – just like the political elites of the USA, Belgium, France, Italy and various other liberal-capitalist states – the Powers That Be didn’t ‘merely’ turn a blind eye to rampant paedophilia; they actively covered it up.

And continue to do so. For with the torrent of evidence now pouring out about the pervert rings operating in ALL the parties of government in Westminster, for the Prime Minister to call a ‘special inquiry’, rather than simply sending in the police, is itself a cover-up manoeuvre.

Because special inquiries are properly used to get to the bottom of some kind of government error or negligence by the authorities, but paedophilia is not an error or negligence, it is one of the most serious and vile crimes imaginable.

Latest powerful evidence

The latest evidence of how the Establishment did not just tolerate industrial-scale child abuse, but actually protected it, comes from the former editor of the Bury Messenger, Don Hale.

He was handed a 30-page dossier, collated by the late Baroness Castle of Blackburn, containing details of a VIP paedophile ring which included sixteen “household name” MPs and Members of the House of Lords.

After decades of frightened silence, Mr Hale has now revealed that a ‘heavy mob’ of Special Branch officers raided his office in 1984 and took away the file, threatening him with prison if he resisted.



“They came at 8am, before most people had arrived for work, and showed me warrant cards and a D-notice and something signed by a judge. They threatened me with five to ten years in prison and took away my notebooks and all the papers Barbara had given me.”

The D-notice system was introduced in 1912 and continues to this day, though renamed DA-notice in 1993. It involves Cabinet-sanctioned ‘advice’ to editors not to publish facts that it is claimed could damage national security.

“It was a threat to national security, and not in the public interest, they told me. If I had said no, I would have been arrested. I had to give them assurances I had given them everything. They told me not to tell anyone, and the whole thing was over within half an hour.”

Mr Hale says that the seizure of the dossier came just a day after pervert Liberal MP Cyril Smith visited his office and pressed him to ‘bury’ the story.

“Cyril Smith came to my office. He must have heard about it, or been sent by, the former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe.

“Cyril tried to persuade me that it was “all poppycock”. He said Barbara had her ‘knickers in a twist’ since leaving the House and had become bored with wine lakes and sugar mountains in Europe.

“He played down the whole episode and wanted an assurance that I wouldn’t run anything. I couldn’t give that and he went away very disappointed.”

These two are just the tip of the iceberg.

Protecting the guilty

Following just days after the revelations about how Leon Brittan and others ‘lost’ the dossier compiled by brave Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, this new report gives another crucial glimpse of the way in which the security services went out of their way to protect the guilty.


This connects the whole Westminster paedophile scandal to the parallel one at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Northern Ireland, where the intelligence services were clearly using the paedophile guilt of various public figures to control them.

Interestingly, the BBC has belatedly caught up with my Twitter efforts to remind investigators of the Kincora scandal and to join the dots.

See more details at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-28341109

David Icke’s theory is that paedophilia is the ‘glue’ that holds together the secret Satanic network that dominates the world’s power elite. While that may go too far, what is absolutely certain that VIP paedophile rings do exist, that their members protect and promote each other , and that police forces have taken active steps to cover for them, either because they belong to the same network or in order to blackmail the guilty.

Indeed, it is not just the police. It is now abundantly clear that the entire Westminster and media elite excused, concealed and protected a massive and murderous paedophile conspiracy at the rotten heart of the British Establishment.

Alledged rapist and child molester Leon Brittan was given the dossier, which he then ‘lost’.

The dam is cracking

The information that has already leaked out means that Paedogate dwarfs the MPs’ Expenses Scandal. The dam of controlled media collusion that has protected these vermin for too long is now cracking.

The last threads of credibility of the financially, politically and morally disgraced Establishment are now being severed. The pioneering work of campaign groups such as Labour25 is paying off at last.

We need to keep hammering away though, because as Cameron’s bogus inquiry shows, they are still trying to shore up the dam. We have to stop them, not least because the ruined lives of so many innocent children cry to Heaven for Justice.

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