Vatican Knew the “Holocaust” was a Con as Soon as Jews Started Whining About It

The Catholic Church knew the Jews were lying from the start.

The Jewish Chronicle:

German researchers working in the Apostolic Archive claim to have found evidence that the Vatican was handed reports about the extent of the Holocaust in 1942, but dismissed some of the information they contained.

The seven-person team from the University on Münster claimed that the Vatican had minimised information on the massacres of Jews, considering that Jewish and Ukrainian sources could not be trusted.

The conclusions hinge on a 1942 American démarche to the Holy See.

The team found that on September 27, 1942, the Holy See was passed a report by the American envoy to the Vatican, detailing the murder of Jews in occupied Poland and asking if the Catholic Church could independently confirm the crimes it outlined.

The report outlined how Jews were being taken out of the Warsaw Ghetto, and murdered outside of the city in camps.

The report, read by Pius XII on the day that it was received in Rome, said that 100,000 Jews had been murdered and that 50,000 had been murdered in Lviv, in what was then eastern Poland, and is now western Ukraine.

The report added that there were no Jews remaining in eastern Poland, and that Jews from Germany, Slovakia and the Low Countries had been transported to Eastern Europe where they were murdered.

The Vatican Apostolic Archives, which until October were known as the “Secret Archives”, contain up to two million pages of documents from Pius XII’s papacy. The Vatican threw open their doors, which were due to remain closed until 2028, on 1 March.

The researchers, led by priest and professor Hubert Wolf, a historian of the Catholic Church, spent a week working in the Apostolic Archive from March 2 before it was closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Wolf’s team found documents showing that the Holy See had received two letters independently confirming reports of massacres of Jews from Warsaw and Lviv.

In August 1942, it had received a letter from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archbishop of Lviv, Andrey Sheptysky, who wrote of 200,000 murdered. The following month, an Italian businessman spoke of “butchery” of Jews in Warsaw.

Despite these reports, the Vatican allegedly informed the American envoy that it was unable to confirm the reports.

Internally, a rationale justified that the information remained “to be verified”, in the words of a Papal adviser, as Jews “exaggerate” and that “Orientals” – referring to the Ukrainian Uniates – “are really not an example of honesty”.

Even here the Jews are lying by omission, playing down the severity of what was actually said about them. The actual sentence from the archive, as revealed by lead researcher Hubert Wolf in the interview in Kirche + Leben, was:

Juden könne man ohnehin nicht trauen und ebenso wenig orientalischen Katholiken, weil sie zu Lügen und Übertreibungen neigten.

Jews cannot be trusted anyway any more than eastern Catholics, as they are inclined towards lies and exaggerations.

Oh for the days when the Catholic Church was a bulwark against the Jews instead of their catspaw.

Now the Jews have taken control of our civilization and are steering it towards destruction. And the Catholic Church must apologize for being right about them in the first place.

This research is being conducted partly in the context of Pius XII being considered for canonization. Of course, given that the current Catholic Church has been mind-conquered by the Jews, this will be considered a black mark against him rather than a point in his favor. So the fact that he saw through the Jews’ lies will now prevent him from becoming a Saint. How many Saints would the Catholic Church have left if current standards were applied retrospectively and everyone who saw the Jews for what they are was debarred from Sainthood?