Jewish Group Trying to Block First Publicly-Funded Catholic School

Just ask yourself this: if there were no Jews in this country, would this be happening?

The answer is obviously “no.”

Moslems would not be trying to ban Christian schools. I just Googled “Catholic school Dubai” – I didn’t know which school was there, but I knew there was one. In fact, there are several.

Obviously, you have Catholic schools in Buddhist countries and whatever else.

The single group that hold this vicious, bloodthirsty hatred for Christians are the Jews.

Despite the fact that they are only 2% of the population, America is a Jewish country. Therefore, you find that Christians are constantly under assault by these ruling Jewish organizations.


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on Monday on behalf of Oklahoma residents asking a state judge to block the creation of the nation’s first religious public charter school.

Oklahoma’s Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, one of the defendants in the suit, in June approved the Catholic Church’s application to create the St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School, which would use millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to operate.

Allowing St. Isidore to operate as planned would transform Oklahoma’s public schools into tools of discrimination and religious indoctrination,” the ACLU said in a written statement.

Brett Farley, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Oklahoma, rejected the accusation and said that “Catholic schools accept all comers, so the claim that St. Isidore will discriminate is entirely unfounded.”

“We remain confident that the Oklahoma court will ultimately agree with the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in favor of religious liberty,” Farley added.

Church officials have said they hope the case will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, where a 6-3 conservative majority has taken an expansive view of religious rights, including in two rulings since 2020 concerning schools in Maine and Montana.

Defendants, in addition to the statewide school board, include St. Isidore, the state education department and the state superintendent of public instruction, Ryan Walters, a Republican who was elected to that office last year.

Walters said in a written statement that he supports the creation of St. Isidore and that “it is time to end atheism as the state sponsored religion.”

Supposedly, it is not all Jews opposing this – there are a lot of white women in the complaint.

Plaintiffs opposing the school, clockwise from top left: Erin Brewer, Melissa Abdo, Krystal Bonsall, Leslie Briggs, Brenda Lené, Erika Wright, Lori Walke, Mitch Randall, Bruce Prescott and Michele Medley. Source.

But white women are, of course, the standing army of the Jewish occupation.

Again – Jews are 2% of the population, so the only way they are able to enforce their rule over us is through janissaries – white women.

Word of the day for our middle and high school readers (if you’re an adult, you should already know this word).

The point is, the white women would not be doing this themselves if they were not under the direction of the Jews.

The ACLU – obviously – is a Jewish activist group.

These Jews are never going to allow normal white Christians to simply exist as long as they run this country.

That’s the situation.

If you want to exist, you have to fight the Jews.

Avoiding this fight means that you do not get to exist – unless the country is taken over by Moslems or Russians or Mexican cartels or some other group that would be less hostile towards us as a people, in which case, they will do the fighting for you and you will then be allowed to continue to exist.

However, there is no real possibility that anyone is going to invade and conquer America. The Moslems might liberate Europe from Jewish tyranny, but the closest thing we have to that in America is Mexican cartels, and they’ve not really shown a desire to conquer America.

Most Americans will not fight.

So basically, we are just going to stop existing.