Vaxxed “Overwhelmingly” Blame Unvaxxed for Everything, 77% of Democrats Will Always Wear Masks

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The vaxxed are an aggressive, evil cult, serving an incomprehensible, dark master from Planet X.

They now define themselves by their vaxx. They are a sycophantic in-group, which will move whichever way the media tells them to move.

Morning Consult:

As officials scramble to mitigate the spread of the delta variant by reissuing mask mandates, a new Morning Consult/Politico survey indicates not all Americans are willing to go back to wearing masks in public — and their views are more closely tied to their political leaning than their vaccination status.

Louisiana and San Francisco joined a rising number of cities, states and businesses to reinstate mask mandates this week, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that people wear masks in indoor public settings regardless of their vaccination status in COVID-19 hot spots. In light of the CDC guidance, the survey shows 58 percent of U.S. adults plan to wear masks “always” or “most of the time” in indoor public spaces going forward, though some groups are less likely to say as much.

While 63 percent of vaccinated adults said they’ll always or mostly wear masks, for example, just 48 percent of those who aren’t fully vaccinated said the same. The split is even wider by political affiliation, with 77 percent of Democrats saying they’ll mask up all or most of the time compared with 37 percent of Republicans, according to the survey, which was conducted July 31-Aug. 2.

The 40-percentage-point gulf between adults of different political affiliations may reflect how opting to wear a mask — or not — evolved into a means of expressing loyalty to a group during the pandemic. In Morning Consult polling, strong supporters of former President Donald Trump were consistently less likely to say they believe masks are effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. And in March, Democratic voters were significantly more likely than GOP voters to say they’d continue social distancing and wearing masks even if state requirements were dropped.

The findings also reflect divisions in the public’s perception of who is to blame for the recent uptick in infections, with 4 in 5 vaccinated adults saying their unvaccinated counterparts are causing the increase. Those who aren’t fully vaccinated were more likely to blame the federal government than any other group, at 50 percent.

Democrats and Republicans agreed that unvaccinated adults are the group most to blame for the recent surge. Democrats then pointed to GOP political leaders and state governments, while Republicans blamed the federal government and Democratic politicians.

The poll was conducted among 2,200 adults and has a 2-point margin of error.

These people have all the power.

Trying to push back against them, at all, is pure suicide.

You just have to run.

We have to regroup.

We have to let them start eating themselves, which they will do when the hard results of the vaxx start to make themselves known. Right now, they are blaming us for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions, but if we get out of their way, they will have to start eating each other.

The vaxxed can never admit they were wrong, because they’ve committed themselves to the cult. They have surrendered their bodies and their very souls to this hoax.