Venezuelan Organized Crime Gang “Tren de Aragua” Already Forming Network Across Multiple States

The Biden decision to completely open the border was a Golden Ticket for Venezuela.

They have used this to clean out all of their trash. They’ve opened the prisons, they’ve sent representatives to gang leaders offering them assistance in transferring to the US, they’ve run ads telling poor people to leave.

Venezuela is an enemy country of the United States, and there is literally no greater gift the US could have given the country than telling them “just go ahead and send all your criminals and poor people to our country – we like it.”

Venezuelan gangs are much more organized and intelligent than most people would expect. Of course they are building an entire crime network across the United States. That was the only possible thing that could result from the Biden plan to import the entire crime/poverty population of this country.

I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but many of these actions by the Biden Administration are very strange.


An alleged multistate human trafficking ring forcing immigrant women into prostitution. The mysterious killing of a former police officer in South Florida. Attacks against police officers in New York. The arrest of a drug dealer in Chicago.

Local and federal officials say these apparently unrelated crimes have a common denominator: Tren de Aragua, a transnational criminal gang that originated in a Venezuela prison and has slowly made its way south and north in recent years.

What? No, it’s only made its way north. Look at a map. The entire US is north of Venezuela.

And “in recent years” is a stupid euphemism for “as a result of the Biden Administration’s program to import Venezuelan gangs.”

They say it’s now operating in the United States. The scale of its operations is unknown, but crimes attributed to alleged members of the gang have worried elected officials and some Republican members of Congress have asked the Biden administration “to formally designate the vicious Tren de Aragua as a Transnational Criminal Organization.”

For several years, the criminal group has terrorized South American countries, including Venezuela, its country of origin, as well as Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Peru. Retired general Óscar Naranjo, a former vice president of Colombia and chief of the Colombian National Police, told CNN Tren de Aragua is “the most disruptive criminal organization operating nowadays in Latin America, a true challenge for the region.”

That’s basically a true statement.

It’s certainly more disruptive than the Mexican cartels, who have expanded to the point that they now operate with the orderliness of a government, and it’s more disruptive than the silly, psycho shit like MS-13, which is more focused on satanic rituals than actual organized crime.

Again: importing millions of members of an international criminal syndicate into your country is a very strange decision.

Now, US Customs and Border Protection and the FBI say the gang is established in the US.

US Border Patrol chief Jason Owens, who has confirmed multiple arrests at the southern border of alleged Tren de Aragua members over the last year, issued a warning in early April. “Watch out for this gang. It is the most powerful in Venezuela, known for murder, drug trafficking, sex crimes, extortion, & other violent acts,” Owens said on X.

There are more than 70 cases in which Tren de Aragua is mentioned in law enforcement documents or prosecutors’ complaints. From that total, the Customs and Border Patrol in Texas has identified 58 as gang members between the fiscal year 2023 and last May. The rest appear in complaints made by victims or arrest reports that point to the possible involvement of the suspects with this organized crime group.

Álvaro Boza, a former Venezuelan police officer now living in Florida, says he fled his country in large part because the gang had become so powerful. He says they could kill law enforcement like him with impunity. A fellow police officer who refused to cooperate with the gang in his native Aragua state was shot 50 times, Boza says. “He refused and was murdered. They tied his body to a motorcycle and dragged it throughout the San Vicente neighborhood to demonstrate the power of the Tren de Aragua,” Boza said.

It’s very normal.

I’ve been saying this for months or years as various body parts have been discovered in New York: black people don’t chop up their enemies with machetes and leave their body parts around as warnings. This is these new Biden gangs.

The good news is: as they take over territory in the US, they will almost certainly run it better than the cops. People throughout Latin America prefer gang rule to police rule. They tend to be more honest and provide people with more freedom.

It’s difficult to imagine Tren de Aragua shutting down a pro-Palestine protest, for example.