Putin Effectively Declares “Total War” as West Holds Goofy “Peace Summit” Without Russia

Keep pushing, faggots.

See what my man Vlad is gonna do when you back him into a corner.

I want you to do it.

The Guardian:

Vladimir Putin has demanded that Kyiv cede more land, withdraw troops deeper inside its own country and drop its Nato bid in order for him to end his war in Ukraine.

Putin’s fresh ceasefire demands were issued as envoys from more than 90 countries, including Ukraine, convene in Switzerland this weekend to discuss a western-led peace plan. Russia is not invited to the conference and Putin’s remarks on Friday are likely to have been timed as a spoiler to that summit.

The media reporting on a “peace summit” where one of the primary belligerents is not invited as if it is a serious thing is next-level lunacy.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

What do people think?

Is it just “well, the media is talking about this like it is serious, so it must be serious”?

Speaking to diplomats at the Russian foreign ministry, Putin publicly updated his terms for ending the war in Ukraine for the first time since he launched a full-scale invasion in February 2022, when he demanded regime change in Kyiv and the country’s “demilitarisation”.

The US defence secretary, Lloyd Austin, said Putin was in no position to make demands on Ukraine and could end the war he had started “today if he chose to do that”.

If Austin wasn’t a gorilla nigger, people would be like “c’mon, man. Demanding an unconditional surrender from a superpower in the middle of winning a war against a much smaller country is not serious diplomatic behavior, and is actually totally irresponsible, as it makes our country look completely goofy and dumb.”

After once again demanding an unconditional surrender from Russia, L-Dawg went to a strip club where he smoked crack in the back room and then stabbed a security guard.

But he is a big old gorilla nigger, so people just think “aw, he doesn’t know any better.”

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said the offer could not be trusted and Putin would not stop his military offensive even if his ceasefire demands were met.

Well, then that wouldn’t actually be a ceasefire, now would it?

The new terms appear to be a nonstarter, as Putin staked out a maximalist position that included claims on land that Russia has “annexed” without holding under its military control. Putin demanded that Ukrainian troops leave the entire regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia and that they be declared Russian territory by international agreement, calling the issue “closed” for Russia.

“As soon as Kyiv says it is ready to make this decision, begins the actual pull-out of forces from those regions and formally declares the abandonment of its plans to join Nato, we will instantly, that very second, order a ceasefire and begin negotiations,” Putin said.

Simple as.

He also demanded that the west drop all financial sanctions against Russia as a precondition to a ceasefire. This week the US expanded sanctions on the Russian banking sector, currency trading on the largest Russian stock exchange, and microchips and other technology. US Treasury officials said they were targeting the Russian financial infrastructure and access to third markets as Russia completed its “transition to a full war economy”.

Ukraine and western countries are highly unlikely to agree to Putin’s terms. Kyiv has demanded that Russian troops leave its territory and that it return control over the 1991 borders, including the Crimean peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014. Ukrainian officials quickly dismissed Putin’s remarks as a “complete sham”.

This is effectively a declaration of total war.

I don’t think it is actually a response to the fake “peace summit.” It’s a response to the US declaring a 10-year military commitment to the Ukraine, which means that Russia has no choice but to totally annihilate the Ukraine.

A 10-year US military presence in the Ukraine was never going to be tolerated by Russia. It was intended for the exact purpose of forcing Putin to escalate.

Apparently, the newest “one weird trick” is to force Russia into a state of total war for the purpose of… collapsing the government? I don’t quite understand the purpose. It’s going to cost the West a lot more than it costs Russia. The Russian people have been calling for total war for a long time.

These goofy people are just going to keep moralizing.

It’s unclear what role the situation in the Middle East plays in all of this. Israel is going to invade Lebanon at some point, which is going to drag Iran into the war. That is all going to be incredibly expensive on a number of different levels.

Frankly, I truly believed that Israel would pressure the West into giving up on this lunatic Ukraine project in order to focus on the situation in their part of the world.

But the Jewish Secretary of Treasury of the Jewish US government has declared that the US can easily fight up to two major wars with major countries without facing any economic consequences.

Apparently, this is the logic which the people who run Washington are currently operating under.

I think we can only conclude that these people are really stupid. They’re not just maniacal psychopaths obsessed with world domination. They are also stupid.