Veteran Who Defended Himself Against Two Antifa Gets Community Service – (((Media))) Calls Him “Neo-Nazi”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

Two members of Antifa started a fight with an American civic nationalist on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and wound up with cracked skulls. He was able to beat some serious stacked charges and get off with community service, but Jewish elites are demanding more.

The template is familiar: Jewish and anarchist cuckboys attack in a pack, lose the fight, then run to the police and their rich daddy to come after you. These rat-weasels have no honor so treat them as such.

Jews – including the “conservative” New York Post – are reporting this based entirely on lies concocted by the Southern Poverty Law Center and communist/anarchist blogs.

This is why no matter what else Donald Trump does, his work in discrediting the corporate Jew media is his most important achievement. By turning all these daily rags into glorified Cuban toilet paper, the fictitious pro-Judeo-Left narratives sink to the bottom of the ocean and the good guys can start winning.

New York Post:

A skinhead pleaded guilty to savaging two Columbia grad students at a Lower East Side bar in February, but he dodged jail time.

John Young, 29, copped on July 10 to brutally beating the siblings because they had an “anti-fascist” sticker on one of their phones, according to Manhattan criminal court records.

Both victims needed staples to close gashes on their heads.

Young and at least three other members of the neo-Nazi “211 Bootcrew” pummeled the brothers, who are both 27, outside the Clockwork on Essex bar on Feb. 11 — where the skinhead group was having an annual party.

The brothers booked it, but the brutes chased them down Hester Street, and resumed the beatdown before scattering.

If multiple people were involved, where are the other arrests?

This is another case of a working class guy vs two privileged professional students. As Columbia University Grad Students, you can go ahead and take a guess as to the tribal affiliation of the two “victims.”

As for the “211 Bootboys,” I don’t know anything about them, but a quick Google search debunks claims they are “Neo-Nazis.” They are a multi-cultural group that plays Oi concerts, though they do have a conservative or “patriotic” bent to them. This is nothing new, there has always been a lot of middle ground between Nazi and SHARP skinheads.

The 211 skinheads don’t like “Anti-Fascists” because these PC-police are constantly trying to tell people what kind of music they’re allowed to listen to. If it is not sufficiently accommodating to trans people of color or whatever the flavor of the week is, they make bomb threats or attack a venue until it shuts a show down. It’s definitely not a “racist” group – there are probably more racial minorities in this group than in any Antifa cell.

A naive person would say the NY Post’s “biased” take is the product of a low editorial standard, but it isn’t. They are trying to manufacture outrage over a Goy winning a fight and not going to prison for it. They are more than willing to lie in pursuit of this end.