Victoria Nuland in January Warned Russia of “Nice Surprises” in 2024

During a visit to her beloved homeland of Keev in January, while still serving as Deputy Secretary of the US State Department, top anti-Russian terrorist leader Victoria Nuland warned Putin of “nice surprises” coming for him in 2024.

RBC Ukraine, January 31, 2024:

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland today announced her forecast for the course of events in 2024. She thinks that surprises await Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on the battlefield in Ukraine.

When asked by a journalist whether Nuland had learned about Kyiv’s plans on the battlefield, she replied that, in her opinion, Ukraine would achieve great success.

“I have to say that I leave Kyiv tonight more encouraged about the unity and the resolve, about 2024 and its absolute strategic importance for Ukraine. I also leave more confident that, even as Ukraine strengthens its defenses, Mr. Putin is going to get some nice surprises on the battlefield and that Ukraine will make some very strong success,” the U.S. Under Secretary of State emphasized.

One has to wonder: was the massive terrorist attack in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall concert on Friday night one of these “nice surprises,” and do the Americans plan to use more agents for these types of attacks inside Russia?

The US is claiming that ISIS did the attack, citing posts on “ISIS-K” outlets that are obviously controlled by the CIA. “ISIS-K” is a version of ISIS that moved into Afghanistan to harass the Taliban after the US Military surrendered and fled. All four of the terrorists who attacked Moscow Friday are of Tajik origin, their home country of Tajikistan bordering Afghanistan where “ISIS-K” is based.

However, Russia released video of one of those arrested saying that he was paid $11,000 by an unknown Islamic preacher who contacted him on social media. If this is indeed the case, there is really little hope of solving the precise origins of the attack, but it is obvious to everyone that the US is ultimately responsible, as anyone on the suspects’ list is going to be someone backed by the US.

Putin said that while the terrorists were fleeing, the Ukraine was opening up a place for them to cross the border. If this was indeed a paid attack, as opposed to a genuine Islamic terrorist attack (where the perpetrators typically expect to die), then it seems rather obvious that the only thing that could be offered to the attackers is an escape to the Ukraine (unlikely as the logistics of that might be). I seriously doubt Putin would lie about them attempting to flee across the Ukraine border and the Ukrainians opening up for them. In this case, there is no need to involve ISIS at all.

If the attackers do not know who hired them, then it would be extremely difficult to ever pin precise blame by figuring out who hired them. It makes the most sense to focus on the Ukraine opening the border for them to cross, and simply blame the Ukraine and their US backers, such as Nuland, who gave this ominous warning earlier this year.

It’s also notable that on March 7, the US State Department issued a warning that an attack like this could occur in Moscow.

It was a 48-hour warning, so the actual attack did not happen in the window they gave, but it describes exactly what happened, even listing “concerts” as a likely target.

The Ukraine is regularly involved in terrorist attacks that target civilians. When they bombed the Crimea bridge, they had public events mocking the mother and father who were killed in the attack, and their orphaned young daughter. The Ukraine also regularly does missile attacks on Russian civilians, knowing there is no military use to these attacks, which can only be called “terrorism.” Further, they’ve engaged in several different massacres of civilians to try and blame Russia, and when it has come out that these attacks were perpetrated by Ukraine forces, the media just drops the topic. (Note: The Ukraine is currently claiming that Russia did the concert massacre itself to blame the Ukraine.)

As the Ukrainians continue to lose very badly on the battlefield in the Ukraine, it’s possible that the US State Department and their vicious cousins in Kiev will want to move more into these kinds of terrorist attacks on civilians inside of Russia. It’s all but certain that this kind of attack would only serve to strengthen support for Putin and the military, but the US seems to be incapable of understanding this kind of cause and effect.

To point to just how confused the US has been in their war effort against Russia, the initial plan in starting a war with Russia was to cause some kind of uprising and color revolution against Putin. This is really the only logical way to do a war with Russia, as the country is too powerful to fight head-on. However, all of the actions they took were directed at the Russian people, even more so than at Putin personally, which led Russians to rally around Putin, ultimately resulting in an 88% election victory with a record high voter turnout just a week before the terrorist attack. If this Moscow terrorist attack had happened before the election, the turnout would have been even higher, expressing even more support for Putin.

However, what the West is talking about now is using the Ukraine war to “hurt Russia.” What it appears they mean by this is that they want to “hurt Russians,” i.e., it is not really even about politics, but simply about inflicting pain on Russian people. This “hurt Russia” language has become ubiquitous through the US media and government.

Therefore, while the terrorist attack could be seen as counterintuitive to the American war effort, given that it will only steel the will of the Russian people to win this war and clearly serves no military purpose, if the agenda of the people in Washington is purely sadistic in nature, then it makes sense. A lot of Russians were definitely hurt by this attack.

It’s virtually impossible that people in the US didn’t know about the attack, and approve of it. By blaming “ISIS” for the attack, the West is effectively admitting that. The fact that the attackers do not appear to have been devout ISIS ideology believers, but rather paid assassins, makes it even more obvious that the US had to be involved.

If we accept that the US was clearly responsible for this attack, regardless of the details, then it becomes obvious that it is a major escalation, which will likely lead to an escalation by the Russians, regardless of the specifics of what the investigation into the attack does or does not eventually prove.

What’s more, everyone in the world views this as an attack by the US government on Russia, which is no doubt draining whatever drops of sympathy the world had left for the US government cause. What the Moscow terror attack shows is that all of the enemies of the US government, and the Jews that control it, will be treated exactly like Palestinians. And the only thing you have to do to become an enemy of the US government is simply disagree with their world domination agenda.

The US government is a mad brute. It is an existential threat to all life on earth.