New York City to Solve Squatting Crisis by Telling Squatters Not to Trespass

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This is a brilliant idea.

The question in my mind is: why did no one think of this earlier? We all could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble with this one weird trick.

New York Post:

New Yorkers’ best defense against squatters? A flimsy plastic sign that costs a few bucks.

Local news reporters encouraged homeowners to get themselves a “No Trespassing” sign to thwart potential squatters from moving in uninvited and taking control of their houses.

“This was $3.47 at Home Depot. It is a ‘No Trespassing’ sign,” ABC 7 Eyewitness News’ Nina Pineda said during a Thursday broadcast. “You can put this up on your front door, on your property line, somewhere you can see it from the street.

But this is the catch — take a time-stamped picture of the sign … because what you want to prove to police is that the sign was up before the squatters moved in,” Pineda said, adding that home security cameras are another key tool to fight home invaders.

In New York City, people can claim “squatter’s rights” — the legal right to inhabit a home — after living there for just 30 days, even without proof of the owner’s permission.

The law — which was initially meant to protect long-term tenants from eviction — requires the property owner to take up the matter in the often backlogged housing court, rendering cops powerless in the interim.

The homeowner is legally barred from changing the locks, turning off utility services or removing the freeloaders’ belongings.

The headline might be slightly deceptive, in that these people are claiming that there is some kind of legal basis for this – that if you have record that you put up the sign, the police will remove the squatters.

However, that is not true. The cops don’t care about your sign. They will not evict anyone without a court order at this point.

Cops probably don’t agree with the policy, personally, but if there’s one thing we know about the cops, it’s that they do whatever they’re told, no matter how egregious, and absolutely refuse to take any type of principled stand on anything.

The cops did the Covid hoax against you. They went around punching people in the face for not wearing a cuck muzzle. Cops are a threat to the public order. They are armed thugs and there is no line they will not cross in support of serving their paymasters.

If you own property in a place with squatters’ rights, the best thing you can do is sell it and buy property somewhere else.

Of course, nowhere in America has property rights, because we live under a gay and retarded version of communism.

But yeah, the sign won’t work. It will actually probably make the situation worse, as it marks the house as being unoccupied.