Video Shows Russians Celebrating Capture of Intact Bradleys, Leopard

The Russians are being selective about the footage they release, as the “battle” is still ongoing, with the “Ukraine” people continuing their botched spring offensive.

However, it is strategic to release the most humiliating footage possible in order to demoralize the Ukrainists and their Jewish, homosexual, and woman backers.


The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage which it said shows Russian troops in Zaporozhye Region inspecting NATO-supplied armor that they captured from its Ukrainian operators.

The video released on Tuesday appears to show an excited Russian soldier circling several damaged pieces of equipment, including a German-made Leopard 2 main battle tank and US-produced Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. He remarked that some of their engines were still running.

“This [explicit] hardware is not as scary as it seemed,” the man is heard saying.

The ministry, which shared the clip on social media, called the Western vehicles “our trophies” and argued that the condition in which they were found “indicates the rapid pace of the engagement and the abandonment of the battle-ready hardware by the Ukrainian armed forces.”

We saw some footage over the weekend of the hohols abandoning American and German tanks in an open field, and throwing smoke bombs as they tried to escape. These might be the same or different tanks.

There are a lot of leopards down.

It’s a happy time, seeing these satanic anus people fail so miserably.

I sure wish I was still on Twitter.

The tears that I’m seeing are so delicious.

I hate women, homosexuals, and Jews, and watching their project fail so miserably is a lot of fun for me.

You would think that there is some other thing that’s going to happen – some second shoe that will drop. It’s like: “Surely, the full force of NATO, months after announcing their offensive, must be able to do better than this?”

It’s possible that something will happen. This is the last big push that they can afford, and it seems like, at the very least, Russia will withdraw forces from some strategic area, which the Ukraine bots will then celebrate, even though it is actually a trap and all their guys are going to get slaughtered.

However, for the time being, this is humiliation after humiliation. The Western media and the social media bots are trying to celebrate taking abandoned villages, but it is just failure after failure.

It is on the level of the surrender in Afghanistan. Just a totally unmitigated disaster that is hard to even process.

I’m also seeing, finally, people starting to push back against this madness. There are people all over Twitter lashing out and saying they were lied to about the chances the Ukraine had in this war they launched against Russia.

Meanwhile, the Jew media is posting the standard moronic retarded nonsense.

Here they are saying that after the Ukrainians attacked the Russians, the Russians started shooting their own civilians for no reason.

Americans are so fat and stupid.

Imagine reading that and being like “those bastards!”

Also – lol @ “10 soldiers killed.” You can go watch the videos on Telegram, and see if it looks like ten to you.

The New York Times is more responsive to the fact that their readership is slightly higher IQ than that of the rest of the mainstream media, and is being a bit more honest.

Just to be clear: there is nothing after this.

The entire NATO establishment said that this was the thing: they were going to finally finish their march to victory by killing all the Russians and ultimately marching to Crimea.