Virginia: This “Charlottesville Nazis for Youngkin” Thing is a Real Serious Yikes

We all saw the black guy. But is there also a fat bitch?

I don’t think they meant it to be a serious thing, like that “Charlottesville Nazis” were really coming out to support the GOP candidate. They meant this as an open stunt to imply that the GOP are Nazis.

It reminded me of when Hillary Clinton paid for those people to go out in Donald Duck costumes and say that Donald Trump was “ducking” his taxes.

Like, I mean, I don’t think people were supposed to believe that was the real Donald Duck. Right?

I think if they’d meant to do it like a real crisis actor scam, where these people are supposed to be actual supporters of Glenn Youngkin who he like, hired to guard his bus, they would not have had a black guy. Right?

Or maybe the Lincoln Project actually thinks that the American voter is even more retarded than I think the American voter is. I don’t know.

Either way – the media does think the American voter is this stupid, and actually tried to promote it as if it were real. Either that, or the American media is this stupid, and thought it was real.

I don’t even know, honestly.


With the Virginia gubernatorial campaign down to the wire, Democrats pointed and shrieked at “Nazis” allegedly supporting their opponent in Charlottesville. The Lincoln Project then admitted to the false-flag stunt.

The election has gone from a sure thing for Democrat Terry McAuliffe to a possible upset by Republican Glenn Youngkin in recent weeks. On Friday, as Youngkin came to Charlottesville for the final campaign push, reporters were drawn to a group of people posing in front of his bus in pouring rain. All five wore hats, sunglasses, white shirts, khakis and tiki torches – in what seemed to be a reference to the 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally that ended in violence.

Local and national media dutifully reported that the group said “what sounded like, ‘We’re all in for Glenn’” as they posed outside the bus. The report was then amplified by McAuliffe’s staffers: Christina Freundlich said “this is who Glenn Youngkin’s supporters are,” while Jen Goodman called it “disgusting and disqualifying.” Both tweets have since been deleted.

When asked about it, Youngkin said, “I think they work for Terry McAuliffe, and I’m sure he sent them,” adding that the Democrat will “do anything to win.”

McAuliffe’s campaign issued a statement denying the claim. “This was not us or anyone affiliated with our campaign,” they said, adding it was “shameful and wrong” to accuse them of this.


He’s the victim of a smear campaign by his own supporters that was disguised as a smear campaign against his opponent!

Then internet sleuths went to work, alleging that the people in the photo were actually Democrat activists. Following the claims, the suspected activists began locking and purging their social media profiles, one after another. According to one social media user, the fact that the media themselves showed zero interest in identifying the so-called racists was suspicious on its own.

“This gross false-flag operation reeks of desperation from the McAuliffe camp who is currently trailing Youngkin by 8 points,” tweeted Alec Sears, a conservative political consultant.

He proceeded to claim that two people in the photos – a man and a woman – looked like staffers with Virginia Democrats and Virginia Young Democrats. Both quickly scrubbed their social media accounts. So did a black Democrat activist, who was accused of being part of the stunt.

The presence of a black man amid the alleged “white supremacists” quickly made ‘Jussie Smollett’ and ‘Clayton Bigsby’ trend on Twitter. The former is the actor awaiting trial for allegedly fabricating a hate crime against himself and blaming Republican supporters. The latter is a ‘black Klansman’ character created by African-American comic Dave Chappelle.

The Lincoln Project – an alleged Never Trump Republican group which is run by homosexual pederasts and now acts as an Antifa style corporate Democrat activism group – issued a statement admitting that they staged the hoax.

People are saying that the Democrats themselves did it and just got the Lincoln Project to agree to take the fall. But it’s not like the Lincoln Project doesn’t directly cooperate with the party like any other activist group.

I do legitimately have a hard time believing that this was literally meant as a false flag. I think it was most likely just a piece of performance art intended to say “Youngkin is like the Charlottesville people.”

But everything is so bizarre and retarded these days, I don’t even know.

My Chinese lawyer, Jimmy Chang, was on The Ralph Retort Friday night and we talked a bit about the Virginia race.

As you know, I haven’t been covering it really at all. I don’t have any faith in elections at all now, at least not in solid blue states like Virginia. Also, if Youngkin wins, it won’t really do much in the scheme of things – but it will get Republicans excited about elections again, which is actually very negative.