Vladimir Putin and the Gay Distraction

Cledun Elmy
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2013

It seems like barely a day passes without some triumph of the gay agenda, or some contrived controversy involving hurt queer feelings. Often, these daily stories are just fleeting blips, meant to remind bigoted whites which direction the wind is blowing. This latest Duck Dynasty blow-up has been more enduring. The folksy traditionalism of the Robertson clan, and their widespread popularity among the silent and increasingly resentful Majority, allows them to serve as a rallying point for the white rubes of flyover country, who can project themselves into Phil’s camouflage shoes.

There isn’t much about the modern liberal paradigm that conservative whites are able to oppose any longer. Having given way on racial integration and immigration, which today are off-limits to civil disagreement, the gay agenda has been one of the only major cultural battlegrounds where the traditional majority can still voice any kind of real dissent. The overkill response by the progressive establishment to Phil Robertson’s extremely benign statements shows that they are no longer willing to entertain this. The homosexual agenda needs to be made unassailable to anyone who desires to maintain mainstream “respectability”; one more brick cemented permenently in the edifice of New Man. The gay lobby will know they have been victorious when Glenn Beck starts claiming Harry Hay as a conservative icon.

Republofaggots?  You betcha!
Republofaggots? You betcha!

The general subversion of traditional white, Christian morality is not the only reason that gayness is such a hot and trendy issue. There are a number of different corrosive trends eating away at the cohesiveness of European peoples, so why is “marriage equality” so dominant an issue? The answer is its lack of exclusivity. Anyone can support the queer agenda, and gays don’t much care whether or not those leading the push are members of the homosexual master race. This is a boon for the bourgeois intellectual classes. These self-consciously white hipsters, ever and always looking to display to the world their high social status, need an issue by which they can prove their progressive credentials. With the ascendance of Post-Modernism, Critical Theory, and Intersectionalism, and the broad acceptance of white privilege as self-evident by the compassionate and urbane, it has become near impossible for white liberals to play sort of role in traditional radical causes like feminism and black liberation. Even with the best intentions, they can’t help but marginalize, microaggress, and mansplain to women and people of colour.

The gay agenda gives the shallow-minded useful idiots who make up the white Brahmin caste a reason to get out of bed in the morning. This is why there has been a constant din of faggotry cluttering up the cultural discourse. While white conservatives need to be reminded every so often how racist they are, this is best left up to blacks and other minorities. The primary focus by the shrill and the sputtering on Phil Robertson’s opinion on gays, rather than his equally (if not more-so) iconoclastic opinion about blacks, suggests that the white plebs are recognized as having conceded to the enlightened wisdom on race. MLK was fighting for Republican values, after all.

Which brings us to the issue of controlled opposition. The white majority has been abandoned and betrayed by those who have positioned themselves as white leaders. The Republican party, and the similar “right-wing” parties throughout Europe, are controlled opposition, existing to capture and channel the energies of their restive ethnic base in safe and harmless directions. The gay agenda is just such a direction, since in the big picture, it is not all that important or game-changing. Yes, it will increase the descent of the white world at large into hedonism, amorality, and demographic irrelevance, but it is a symptom of decline rather than a cause. Even if the conservatives were to accidentally win a victory against the pink leviathan, it wouldn’t save them from their decline or strike any mortal blow against the forces arrayed against them. On issues that matter, dissent is actively and often violently suppressed.

The most popular and high profile pseudo-traditional figure right now is Vladimir Putin. The former KGB agent is enjoying popularity among the wider white conservative world after taking a hard stance against the inexorable march of progress, and all the cross-dressing blasphemy that the end of history entails. This popularity is not just misguided, it is dangerous. While Putin may seem brave, shucking the teleological efforts of the Euro-Atlantic axis, he has yet to acknowledge, let alone combat, any of the real enemies facing the peoples of the white race. It’s all well and good to threaten to put gays in the oven, but were Putin to succeed in wiping homosexuality from Earth, the hostile parties intent on the castration of the white world would be left untouched, and free to pursue other methods to realize their ends. These hostile parties, who Putin has so far failed to expose, despite his ignorance of them being unthinkable, are collective Jewry, whose attack comes from above, and collective Islam, whose attack comes from below. The Slavic lothario rubs elbows with all the same rootless Tribesmen as do the ill-fitted suits of the European Union, and has made no move to remedy the untenable Muslim demographic situation of his own nation, let alone the rest of Europe. Indeed, speaking out against the dispossession of the peoples of the white race from their own native lands has the same consequences in Russia as it does everywhere else.

Whatchadoin, Vladimir???
Whatchadoin, Vladimir???

Putin is thus the most deleterious actor in geopolitics right now. He has given false hope to nationalists throughout Europe by setting himself up as their false messiah. His recent address to the Russian parliament was lauded by some as being traditionalist in nature, but this is not at all accurate. What he did say about traditional values was vague and general enough that one can read into it what they like. The speech concretely endorsed such modernist premises as human rights, multiculturalism, and EU-style immigration. The civic nationalism espoused is rooted in Jacobinism, and is not a cure for what ails us, but is just more of the same sickness. It could be argued that he is playing his cards close to the chest, and that at some point in the future he will come out against the existential calamity of white racial replacement and extinction, but I won’t hold my breath.

Both the gay movement and the opposition to it are part of a spectacle. It is a distraction that wastes the energy of those on both sides of the issue, while the real players pursue more important and revolutionary goals. While it is understandable that the silent majority of white conservatives and traditionalists, who have been so effectively neutered, are angered by an issue that hits them right in the values, and while it is commendable that they still have the will to stand up against something, it is ultimately a useless fight. Time would be better spent focusing on more fundamental problems, and if red-pilled traditionalists utilize the widespread and public nature of the battle over the rainbow, it should only be as a gateway to deeper edification.