New Amazon Fallout Show Creatively Fuses White Women and Black Men

I remember this old guy talking about Chinese cuisine and comparing it to McDonald’s. He said China has all of these tastes and textures and food rituals, while McDonald’s only serves “salties” and “sweets.” You could just order “one sweet and two salties,” because everything on the menu is the same, served to you in plastic so you can eat it while driving. The food ritual is “eating while driving.”

Most modern entertainment is some mix of white women and blacks in a soap opera format. These serials people watch are all just soap operas. They do not have an act-based structure, usually (unless the entire season follows an arc, which is confusing). They are melodramatic and sentimental, with ensemble casts, and they rely on cliffhangers. They add spectacle to the genre with CGI (and sometimes real sets), but they only didn’t do that before with soaps because of the budget.

The trailer for Amazon’s Fallout soap (based on the hit video game series from Todd Howard!) has a white woman and a black man leading the ensemble cast in yet another melodramatic and sentimental spectacle.

As far as anyone can tell from the trailer, there is no retro futurism. Too esoteric. Instead, you have a morality lesson about female empowerment and black exploitation.

I’ve been all through the points about how no man wants to watch a female action hero, and women don’t either, so it’s really a useless product for any reason other than social engineering.

The woman is not even attractive.

I found this photo of her on the internet:

Why is her head shaped like that? Was she dropped repeatedly as a child?

This is what they do with white girls on TV: they don’t even make them attractive anymore. They find the most passable mulatto girls on earth to put in these shows, then find deformed mutant creatures for the white girls. She might not even be white, she looks maybe half Asian (the Wiki says she’s “English”).

I don’t exactly know what the analysis is of Amazon’s game with the TV stuff at this point. I haven’t been following the analysis of potential future scenarios where AWS or any other potentially profitable Amazon department benefits from making pretty expensive TV shows.

What I think I am seeing is Amazon – and Apple – are paying tribute to the government by making these shows.

The theories about these companies being forced to hire millennial women who want to make this crap because they hate men do not pan out. Why should Amazon not want to make as much money as possible? The obvious answer is going to be that they do want to make as much money as possible and if they are making decisions that seem very obviously unprofitable, then those decisions should be considered in a larger context.

Silicon Valley companies make money by being unregulated borderline monopolies. AWS is now a cloud monopoly, which is a good monopoly to be in.

There are all of these studies about how television fiction affects your thoughts and beliefs – it’s much more effective than TV news, which has a limited audience anyway. But the CIA can’t micromanage entertainment products like they micromanage the news cycle via the New York Times. So what Amazon and Apple are doing, as far as I can tell, is offering tribute by doing something the government wants done but can’t do itself so they stay on the good side of these Jews.

(It doesn’t explain why Disney is doing it, of course.)

Amazon is not funded by profits but by stock price, and maybe research has been done internally showing that branding is important to stock price, maybe that TV shows are a big part of branding, but why would they brand themselves as this George Floyd feminism thing everyone hates?

Amazon’s most popular show, by a lot, was Reacher.

Starring this guy:

He’s actually a Christian in real life, it says on his Wikipedia. He’s 6’5″ in the show, which is probably his real height.

Oh, and his love interest is a bleached blonde white girl.

Massive masculine handsome Christian white male man who does violence in the name of justice (who is also a genius ninja detective for some reason and also an expert in MacGyver type shit somehow) protecting a blonde white girl sells best, still. Even in current year.

Favorability of George Floyd materials in entertainment has not gone up. Probably, however, being inundated with this stuff has buck-broken a lot of people, psychologically, who are coming to accept a real life situation they would not have otherwise accepted.

Fallout could have just been about a white man who is handsome and masculine and jacked and then have pretty white girls as love interests (or potential love interests). That’s the business that makes the most money and people love that Reacher show so I assume it’s been good for Amazon’s branding.

But maybe it’s all Larry Fink.

I don’t know.

BlackRock and Vanguard together (they’re effectively the same company) have more voting power than Bezos.

So maybe I’m overthinking it.

Maybe “woke capital” is the explanation, and I just don’t want to accept it because people I don’t like shill it everywhere (while also calling for maintaining deregulation norms for monopoly style corporations pushing the “woke agenda”).

Or, maybe Elon Musk will buy Netflix and publish their records and FBI Special Agent Elvis Chang will be constantly emailing them telling them to add more black people to shows.