Wacky Hohols Now Flying Drones Into Random Buildings in Moscow!

As it turns out, the big new hohol “counteroffensive” involves flying drones into random civilian buildings in Moscow!

What weird actions are these???


Tuesday morning’s drone attack on Moscow, in which several buildings were hit, was orchestrated by Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed.

“The Kiev regime launched a terrorist attack with unmanned aerial vehicles on targets in the city of Moscow,” a statement from the ministry said. The raid involved eight aircraft-type UAVs, all of which were hit; three drones that were suppressed by electronic warfare measures went out of control and deviated from their intended targets, the statement added.

The remaining five drones were shot down by Pantsir-S air defense systems operating outside Moscow, according to the MOD.

The attack was first reported by the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, who said on Tuesday morning that the drone raid resulted in several buildings in the Russian capital sustaining minor damage, with residents in the area temporarily evacuated.

Like, seriously – what would you hope to achieve with this sort of thing, other than making Russians – and the rest of the world – hate you even more?

Outside of America and the American occupied territories, no one in the world views attacks on random people as justified or justifiable. This sort of thing is commonly known as “terrorism.”

This is of course different than “collateral damage,” where civilians or civilian infrastructure are harmed in the process of achieving definite military objectives. But this attack on Moscow, the attacks on Krasnodar, the attacks on Belgorod, and indeed, many or even most of the attacks on the Donbass, have no military purpose, and only serve to harm or harass random civilians.

This is not a professional way to conduct a war and it would be considered an unacceptable way to conduct a war if the US government/media had not declared that the entire Russian population is evil and thus deserving of death or something worse.

However, the rest of the world is watching this war, and they are seeing that the alleged “Ukraine state” is nothing more than a criminal, terrorist, neo-Nazi and Jewish gang.

Clearly, even the Europeans are going to be looking at this recent spate of bizarre random drone attacks on Russian civilians and be like, “what?”

The Germans have been protesting this war, and unlike in America, stuff like these drone attacks actually gets reported in German media.

This is going to make the German government’s continued support for the Zelensky Junta ever more untenable.