Wang Town 3: Notes from Outer Space (Earth Observation Unit)

Wang Town Episode 3 has finally dropped.

This is the famous podcast featuring WANG and Paul Town. It is very influential and is scheduled to become the most popular podcast in the world by episode 7.

Episode 3 is the best Wang Town yet, and therefore the single best podcast ever recorded ever in all of history. It does run a little bit long, but it runs long because there was more great info than we could fit into it.

I have full notes on it, which I’m just going to include here. You don’t have to read all of this. You can just scroll down and listen to the podcast. But some people might appreciate these here notes I done writ up.

Scott Adams and the Eternal Switcharoo

There is a movement now in the conservative media to promote the idea of whites being the victims of ungrateful niggers. This was all clearly set up from the beginning with the BLM movement, when they knew that all of this violence would happen (they literally defunded the police lol), they knew that none of these programs to somehow force blacks to work professional jobs would manifest, they knew that a certain segment of whites (primarily single women) would become obsessed with the black victim narrative and go around nagging everyone, and they knew that whites would instinctively, on a primitive level, react to this, as well as the flood of blacks into entertainment media.

It was meant as an incitement of whites, and it’s becoming clear that there is an anti-black narrative forming in the (anti-China) conservative movement to now capitalize on all of this race hysteria in the opposite direction, telling whites that they are victims of the media and government diversity programs, as well as playing up the nonstop anti-white violence (which actually always existed, but has gotten worse).

Scott Adams is the most prominent case of this, but we’re likely to see the whole “anti-racist” thing in the conservative movement more or less totally collapse.

Social simulations and covert manipulation

This segment is a bit of a follow-up on what we discussed in the Extravaganza about how people only react to things.

Every single thing that happens is being planned out by AI simulations that gauge people’s response to it based on profiles of their collective personalities using data from Facebook and other social media. A coronavirus, an unarmed black teen, an invasion of the Ukraine, a Chinese weather balloon – all of these major media events are run through simulations beforehand. The events happen specifically so people will respond to them, and the people’s response is the desired goal.

On the individual scale (which is of course managed at scale, with individuals being statistical data in machines), Facebook actually has the capacity to manipulate individual people directly. Presumably they are are doing this and running active AIs to monitor people to ensure their behavior is both understood and under control.

Facebook has actually admitted to using the algorithm to change people’s emotional state. Without reading a whitepaper on the topic (those are classified), the implications of that should be self-evident


This is to say: you have a situation where not only can society as a whole be manipulated, but where specific individuals could be and almost certainly are being manipulated individually by supposedly random data on social media and news feeds, which are in fact totally catered to the individual already, using an algorithm.

The most serious freakouts are always about people who are potentially stepping outside of established thought patterns. There is little concern from the media or government about actual violence.

Before the US state is at war with any foreign power, it is at war with its own population, an unconsenting golem. There are nothing but layers of illusion in the media landscape, and this builds a web between individuals who are subconsciously absorbing these false concepts and transmitting them between one another across a range of subjects. In the primitive mind, objects and events are more straightforwardly understood as being self-contained, while the brain tries to categorize and form patterns from them. There is almost an inverse happening in our reality, where media spectacle is designed in a deliberate fashion to lead the individual toward believing he’s discovered patterns, which are in fact the very patterns that the events were designed to produce in the mind of the victim. This is why people who understand the system are constantly accused of being kooks (schizophrenic, if the person making the accusation has been to university) – because they are seeing an intentional pattern in events that are presented as being natural or random phenomena.

The obvious ongoing example is the framing of the war on China, where a slow drip has been trickled out surrounding the idea of China as both hostile and ill-intentioned, as well as a backward, evil, and a definite threat:

-The first seed is decades of anti-communist propaganda
-The second seed is China taking the jobs
-The third seed is cheaply made products and manipulative trade deals
-Further: various half-truths relating to an anti-Christian agenda, domestic abuses of workers, eating dogs, generally dastardly behavior

We then move into more recent seeds (after China was officially deemed an enemy after 2015 anti-corruption restructuring in Beijing by Xi Jinping):

-Falun Gong (CIA) hoaxes about cutting out people’s organs
-Social credit score hysteria presented in a dishonest way
-The supposed suppression of Hong Kongese Antifa rioters
-Fentanyl somehow being a weapon of the Chinese
-Bizarre conservative narratives about Chinese working with the democrats
-Left appeal about abuses of Islamic terrorists and the upholding of sexist/racist patriarchy norms
-Something something about a virus
-A balloon (and then a bunch more balloons, apparently? We didn’t get a follow-up on that)

All of that is throughout the media, then you have another layer of messaging through the entertainment media, and you have people thinking about China all the time, developing a subconscious web of signals that becomes an increasingly conscious understanding of China as the enemy.

No one would believe that the balloon was a “spy balloon” if it were not for this greasing of the wheels. Otherwise, people would have said “oh that’s probably just a weather balloon that got caught in the wind.”

They always grease the wheels. You can see this same exact thing if you look at the total history of virus hysteria.

Again, I point out that if you don’t see how bad things are, you are being manipulated.

Charlottesville, 6/1, and other faked events

Building on the issue of the government manufacturing events to further narratives, we can note that both were necessary to crush people who were thinking outside of the established lines, and both have been established to have been set up by bad actors working in concert with the government and then the traps sprung by the government.

Charlottesville – TRS, Cantwell, Atomwaffen, TWP, and others that we now know to be bad actors organized the event. The police then shut down the event for no reason and started forcing the right-wingers into a kill zone they’d already herded a bunch of tranny psychos into.

1/6 – Ray Epps, a pipe bomb hoax as an excuse to remove the cops from the Capitol, cops then actually opening the doors and waving people into the Capitol.

After Charlottesville, they faked a death toll, claiming that 3 had died, because two police actually died in a helicopter crash. They then presented the narrative of a planned terrorist attack. This was all used to justify an incredible and unprecedented crackdown on political dissent, which frankly I ended up feeling the brunt of, even though I had no involvement in planning the event and was not at the event, presumably because the movement I was trying to build was actually the target of the event.

ChatGPT is My Best Friend

In this final, hopeful segment, we talked about the rise of AI and the future we hope to build with it. Despite the fact that AI is being used in the manipulation techniques described in the earlier segment, Paul Town and Anglin agree that it is a net gain for the people in our fight against this satanic Jew/vaginal/anal system.

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