Wang Town 4: The Incessant Pounding of the Drums of Fate

The greatest podcast of all is back again for another round!

In this week’s episode, Paul Town and Andre Wang Lin discuss these incredible issues in depth:

  • Why we need to marry single mothers in order to defend Aryan women and promote the health of the white race
  • The amazingly brilliant and deep analysis of Richard Spencer (intellectual)
  • The Chinese communist plan to infiltrate America via TikTok dances
  • How to convince liberals they aren’t following the facts
  • Trans is the most important issue; we must save women’s sports
  • The bravery of Ron DeSantis in refusing to extradite Donald Trump (standing up to the power like an alpha)
  • How to channel the Bronze Age Mindset into various heterosexual activities

Those are the main points, but we also discuss many other issues and provide revelations that will shock and appall you to your very core.


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