WaPo Claims Joe Biden “Showers Money” on Americans ($1400)

Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post has run a bizarre headline, claiming that the $1400 “coronavirus relief” bill that Joe Biden passed was equivalent to “showering money” on Americans.

Maybe they meant that it was enough money to get the heat turned back on so you can take a hot shower?

This lockdown has lasted an entire year, and it has destroyed not only earnings but future earnings for hundreds of millions of Americans. Normal people lost millions or at least hundreds or tens of thousands as a result of this insane Bill Gates hoax endorsed by the media and enforced by the government.

A $1400 check is literally pissing on a man who is on fire. It is an utterly irrelevant sum in the face of the loss we’ve all experienced. What’s more, Biden promised $2000, then pulled it back to $1400. What’s even more, this is a fraction of the total “stimulus package,” only 9% of which relates to coronavirus at all.

The people still left on social media are comparing this Post headline to a headline from a paper in the People’s Republic of North Korea.

This is accurate.

Bezos really, really likes Joe Biden, because Joe Biden is going to transfer huge amounts of money to Jeff Bezos, and continue to allow him to operate totally without regulation.

So, you’re going to see more of these bizarre headlines. Once these few remaining people are removed from social media, no one will know that it’s weird, just like no one in North Korea thinks it’s weird that all media constantly praises Kim Jong-un as the greatest man who ever lived.

The difference of course, which has to be noted, is that Kim is Korean, and has a vested interest in taking care of the Korean people. Joe Biden on the other hand is a senile old man, who has surrounded himself with Jews and others representing their special interests, and has a vested interest in enriching the elite while forcing you into further austerity.

Obviously, we should be jealous of the North Koreans.

Authoritarianism plus “democratic values” is a dystopian nightmare.