WaPo Says US is Sick of Ungrateful Zelensky, Thinking of Withdrawing NATO Offer

What were Russia’s demands again?

I’m pretty sure one of them was that the Ukraine would never join NATO.


Criticism of NATO by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky infuriated Washington so much that officials briefly considered backtracking on its commitment to eventually invite Kiev to join the military bloc, the Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

Such a move would be unprecedented for Washington, which has consistently used potential NATO membership to pursue strategic goals in the former Eastern bloc over the past few decades.

On Tuesday, at the height of the much-anticipated NATO summit in Vilnius, Zelensky blasted members of the US-led military bloc, claiming that they were discussing the wording of the communique without Ukraine.

“It’s unprecedented and absurd when [the] time frame is not set neither for the invitation nor for Ukraine’s membership,” he wrote on Twitter, saying that the wording about “conditions” was too vague. “Uncertainty is weakness,” he added.


The final version of NATO’s joint communique said that the bloc’s members “will be in a position to extend an invitation to Ukraine to join the alliance when allies agree and conditions are met.”

While it did not elaborate, the bloc’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, said that Kiev could hope to join only if it prevails in its conflict with Moscow.

According to six people familiar with the matter, interviewed by the Post, the White House was quite roiled by Zelensky’s rebuke, with one official describing the US delegation’s reaction as “furious.”

During an unofficial meeting that followed, some officials reportedly “wanted to withdraw the reference to ‘invitation’” or find another place to put that word. Ultimately, however, the US delegation “did not specifically want to take that promise” out of the declaration, with some people fearing that changes would delay the document’s release and trigger pushback from Kiev, according to the Post.

Zelensky later changed his tune, saying that he was “grateful” to the bloc for its unprecedented support and a “very important package of guarantees.” According to a Bloomberg report on Thursday, the change in tune came after NATO leaders told the Ukrainian president to “cool down.”

A lot of people are doing tune-changing.

That fat little piggy Ben Wallace switched the opposite way, saying that he never really condemned that ratty Jew Zelensky for his ungratefulness.

See: Faggot British Coward Walks Back Statements Against Jew Bloodsucker Zelensky

Basically, you’re getting mixed signals on these things because the leadership of the Anal Empire is in complete disarray.

They are sending thousands of troops to Europe while also complaining that Zelensky is ungrateful, and they are sort of losing interest in this endless war. These are different people saying different things, and there is no “head of state” because Joe Brandon is totally gone.

These different bureaucrats and their various offices are just doing whatever they want, leaking whatever they want. It’s a total free-for-all, and there is no one to make the decision on whether to back out of this war or launch World War III by sending NATO to invade the Ukraine.

The indecisiveness shows that really anything could happen, which is why I am totally opposed to anyone making predictions.

Obviously, the rubber is going to hit the road at some point. The “counteroffensive” was the worst disaster ever, and now you have Russia on the move towards Kharkov.

The Democrat plan – at least the vague outline of the only thing you could call a plan – appears to be to wait until after the 2024 election to escalate into a World War III situation. But Russia isn’t going to get any weaker in the next 18 months. China is not going to be less resolved or weak. The Ukraine is going to have a lot less territory.

This was the map on Thursday:

These people were predicting that the Ukraine was going to have pushed Russia out of Crimea by now.

Newsweek, somehow, is still claiming that the Ukraine is about to march on Crimea any minute.

In reality, the line has changed precisely zero and the Ukraine has totally stopped their push, as the entire narrative is shifting towards whether or not NATO is going to be directly involved.

There is also likely to be some degree of chaos after a second consecutive stolen election. However, I know enough about how these people think to know that they will view a drastic escalation of the war as a way to quell dissent domestically, as well as to give themselves new powers to silence the people complaining about their corruption.

Anyway. Whatever.