Doctors and Scientists Blaming Coronavirus for Vax-Induced Spike in Deadly Cancers

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This is what Andrew Anglin said in 2021: they would blame all the vax side effects on the fake virus.

Though I’m sure Anglin is a genius, it wasn’t really a hard prediction to make.

New York Post:

A slew of alarmed US doctors and scientists are currently investigating whether the COVID-19 virus is to blame for an “unusual pattern” of rare and deadly cancers that have been popping up in the wake of the pandemic.

The group of medical experts banded together to launch research studies and share data after concluding there was compelling evidence among their own patients to suggest a link between COVID and cancer diagnoses, the Washington Post reported.

“I’ve been in practice 23 years and have never seen anything like this,” Kashyap Patel, an oncologist in South Carolina and CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates, said of the uptick of cases he’s witnessed.

Patel, who is calling for a national registry to analyze trends, said he has has already collected data from dozens of his own patients showing a possible link between unusual cancers and long COVID.

“Hopefully, we’re wrong,” Afshin Beheshti, president of the COVID-19 International Research Team, said. “But everything is, unfortunately, pushing toward that being the case.”

Beheshti, whose background is in cancer biology and is among those trying to piece together the puzzle, said he noticed during the pandemic that cases and studies were showing COVID was causing widespread inflammation and infection in organs susceptible to cancer stem cell development.

“The signals seemed to be related to early cancer changes,” he said.

There are no real-world data or definitive studies yet on whether COVID has actually contributed to a spike in cancer cases.

The research comes after a new study suggested COVID vaccines could be partly to blame for a rise in “unprecedented” excess deaths in the US and other Western countries in the three years since the pandemic took hold.

They never proved that the “coronavirus” was in any way different from the flu.

But now it’s a magic virus that can do anything to anyone, even years later.

Even when the genetic therapy injection would have been expected to do all of these things, and many experts said it would do this. And studies actually say it is doing this.