Watch: Before and After Drone Footage Shows Total Annihilation of Gaza

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

The US and the British did this to Dresden (Jews were also responsible for that one, btw), but at least that was a situation where there was an army and a real war going on. Hamas is a very small group, and this is not a real war.

This is the worst atrocity in all of human history. No one is doing anything.

It’s apparently taking people a while to process that this is even real, because it’s so far outside of normal reality to just sit and watch a military commit a mass extermination of an entire people.


Drone footage of Gaza over the six months of warfare between Israel and Hamas shows how the once vibrant Palestinian enclave has been transformed into a vast wasteland of rubble and twisted steel by Israeli bombardment.

During normal days, Palestinians used to be able to stand on their buildings’ balconies and take in a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Those structures have vanished, footage from Reuters and other sources shows, crushed into piles of cement and debris.

Residents have been forced to wander Gaza seeking shelter from an Israeli offensive designed to destroy its arch enemy Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the campaign will not stop until Hamas is eliminated, so the bombardment and destruction is expected to continue.

They are just going to kill everyone, apparently.

The Biden people are now saying they don’t agree with it, but even after the Jews murdered those white aid workers (including an American), they are refusing to threaten to stop sending them weapons.

It looked like Biden was claiming to have threatened that last week, but it turned out he just threatened to “stop supporting them,” apparently referring to moral support.

The father of the American murdered by these Jew vampires begged Antony Blinken to threaten to stop sending weapons, and he refused.

This is just going to keep going. After Rafah, Israel is going to go into Lebanon, and Iran will be defending them. That will be about the time of the US election.

It’s all very hilarious.