Watch: Bill Gates is Sad That “Omicron” Allegedly “Generates Immunity”

Bill Gates said this week that he is sad that the alleged Omicron variant generates more immunity than his vaccine program.

I don’t even know what this is supposed to do, making a statement like that.

Omicron is probably just the common cold renamed.

The “spike proteins” were always in the common cold, and the media and The Science have admitted that the common cold antibodies actually protect against the alleged deadly coronavirus.

The NIH actually admitted this nearly two years ago.

Just do a search for “common cold coronavirus antibodies.”

You can also do a deep dive and find that they can’t actually even tell the difference between common cold spike proteins and alleged “novel coronavirus” spike proteins.

It’s all just everything we said from the beginning, two years ago, which for some reason these people are coming out and admitting in all of these weird ways, no doubt to serve some other even weirder agenda.

I’m going to go ahead and predict that Gates will not back off of his vax agenda, despite this strange statement he’s just made.