Watch: Black Bashes NYC Store Worker with Helmet, Gets Stabbed, Throws Helmet, Bites Cop

The main reason I love living in America is that it’s so exciting.

You never know what kind of wacky adventure you’re going to get into.

Life in America is like a shitty VR version of GTA5 where the plot makes no sense.

New York Post:

Wild surveillance video captures the moment a maniac bashed a Queens bike shop worker over the head with a helmet — before he was stabbed by another man who intervened, according to police.

The melee began just before 1 p.m. Monday when the 35-year-old man flew into a rage outside the Fly E-Bike shop on 42nd Street near Broadway in Astoria, authorities said.

Footage obtained by The Post captured the moment the brute – who appeared to have been yelling at the 28-year-old worker – suddenly walloped him over the head with the helmet.

A second later, another man sprinted out of the store and chased the aggressor into the street, the video shows.

Someone from within the store stabbed the helmet-wielding suspect in the stomach, cops said. It wasn’t immediately clear if it was the man seen running after him.

Despite being wounded, the first aggressor then could be seen on video slamming the helmet into the window of the shop.

Police responded to the scene and tried to cuff the unhinged man when he bit one of the cops on the hand, authorities said.

We’re seeing a lot more biting going on these days.

I suppose we can attribute that to advances in dentistry.