Chicago: Pack of Youths Brutally Beat and Pepper Spray Pregnant White Woman, Cause Miscarriage

Just try to imagine if you were forced into slavery for millions of years.

You’d be beating the shit out of random pregnant women too.

I mean, all races are exactly the same, so whites would do this too if they had been enslaved. That is the only possible logic.

New York Post:

A pregnant Chicago mom says she lost her unborn baby after she was kicked repeatedly in the stomach, punched and pepper-sprayed by a gang of teens as she returned home from a date night with her husband.

The woman, identified only as Nina, said the perps viciously attacked the couple — leaving them severely bruised and battered — in the city’s Streeterville neighborhood at about 8:30 p.m. last Friday, Fox 32 reported.

“Everything happened from behind us. First, someone approached him and punched him in the head,” Nina said of the moment her husband was set upon.

He looked at me and said, ‘Run.’

Nina, who was two weeks pregnant at the time, said she begged the gang to leave them alone but a teenage girl turned on her, dragging her on the ground and ripping out chunks of her hair.


“I start screaming, she started pepper-spraying me,” Nina recalled.

The traumatized mom said she was kicked in the stomach and punched repeatedly.

Doctors informed her in the wake of the brutal beatdown that she’d suffered a miscarriage.

Police managed to nab two of the attackers — a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl — and charged them with misdemeanor battery.

See, it was only a misdemeanor.

They’re just kids trying to have a fun time.

Nina’s husband.