Watch: Blacks Brawl During NJ High School Graduation

At least black people know how to have a good time.

That’s more than I can say for most of these faggots around here.

New York Post:

Several fights broke out at a New Jersey high school graduation, sending one person to the hospital and injuring several others, according to police.

As the graduation ceremony for Westwood High School in Bergen County ended Thursday night, multiple scuffles erupted on the school’s football field, according to the Washington Township Police Department.

This was supposed to be an enjoyable night that the Westwood High School Senior class worked hard for and have been waiting for, which has been tainted due to the egregious behavior by some,” police said in a statement.

Video shared on social media showed two separate fights on the football field as shocked students in their robes and their families looked on.

It’s not clear what sparked the chaos.

What sparked it is that they are black.

Black people just enjoy this stuff.

Frankly, I think whites would be better off if they could chill a little bit, get into some good-natured and casual pointless violence everywhere for no reason.

That should really be the new leftist line.

Instead of saying “blacks are violent because of slavery hundreds of years ago,” which doesn’t even make sense at all, they should just say “hey whitey, how about you lighten up and learn to live a little? Sometimes or really basically all the time, pointless violence spices things up.”