Watch: Boeing 737’s Engine Cover Rips Off During Flight

I used to think people afraid of flying were the dumbest bunch of retards. I would explain how you are so much more likely to die in a car crash, explain that basically no one ever dies on a plane.

However: now I am afraid of flying. At least in America.

There are big disasters coming. It’s obvious. All of these “minor” disasters are leading up to a series of extreme and unbelievable disasters that kill a lot of people.

New York Post:

Passengers on a Houston-bound Southwest Airlines flight watched in horror Sunday as an engine on the Boeing 737-800 appeared to come apart mid-flight.

The flight immediately returned to Denver after crew members noticed a removable sheet of metal covering one of the plane’s engines sheared off during takeoff.

In a terrifying video posted on X by ABC’s chief transportation reporter Sam Sweeney, the metal engine cover can be seen whipping in the breeze like paper as it tore loose.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration said a part of the aircraft called an engine cowling had detached and struck one of the plane’s wing flaps.

Reached by email, a Southwest spokesperson told The Post the incident was the result of a “mechanical issue” on the plane, which was manufactured in 2017, FAA records show.

Southwest Flight 3695 returned to Denver International Airport this morning and landed safely after experiencing a mechanical issue. Our Customers will arrive at Houston Hobby on another aircraft, approximately three hours behind schedule,” a Southwest spokesperson told The Post.

To be clear: in the United States, Boeing does all of its own maintenance. Therefore, even if these planes were built before Boeing underwent the project to remove all white men from its workforce, the planes are now being serviced by their diverse army.

Boeing is the most diverse major industrial company. They have made a point of this, and have advertised it heavily. They claim that diversity is their greatest strength.

People who believe in diversity are the ones who deserve to die on these planes. There are people who claim that hiring blacks and women who are objectively less competent will produce the same (or even better) results than hiring white men. They’re the ones who should be riding these planes.

Normal people do not deserve to die on these planes.