Watch: El Salvador Tells People to Lose Weight and Exercise to Fight Against Coronavirus

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I don’t even believe the coronavirus exists, but “lose weight and exercise to prevent getting sick” is always good advice.

It’s also following “The Science,” which claims that 8 out of 10 people hospitalized with “Covid-19” were overweight or obese.

I’m not going to go into the full denialism schtick – we already did that recently, if you missed it – but the same was true when “Covid-19” was called “the flu.” If you go back and look at the research, severe illness from the flu was about 5 times more likely among the overweight and obese.

Of course, it’s basically true of every illness, so it doesn’t mean very much. Assuming you don’t have cancer or some other terminal illness, there is no greater determiner of any health outcome than BMI.

If Western governments actually believed in this virus, and believed in their own “science,” and believed in solving the problem, the number one thing they would be doing is telling people to lose weight.

Instead, you have JD Pritzker telling you to get vaccinated and you’ll live forever.

As The Science now admits, the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection and death or transmission, so even if you really believed the vaccine was an effective prophylactic for reducing symptoms, you would still be focusing on telling people to lose weight.

In fact, even if there was no claim of a coronavirus, any government that claimed to care about the health of their population would be telling people to lose weight, and would be regulating the food industry and enacting various programs to help them lose weight.

But no.

Instead, the government actually endorses and funds “body positivity” propaganda that tells the population that it is actually healthy and good to be obese.

None of this is serious, and the basic lack of seriousness should make you question the veracity of the entire program.