Watch: Fauci Says Lockdowns are for Getting People Vaccinated

Anthony Fauci is back and he’s just as rational and caring as you remember him.

Appearing on MSNBC over the weekend, he confirmed that lockdowns were used as a way to coerce people into taking the gene therapy fake vaccine that he was trying to force on the entire population in order to protect them from an alleged virus that according to him has a significantly lower fatality rate than the flu.

It’s probably one of the weirder things he’s said. It was kind of just slipped in there.

Not sure he was supposed to say that.

There is a possibility that the old Fauci is dead and this one is a clone – and it could be malfunctioning.

He went on to complain that the Chinese are not using his deadly mRNA vaccines. He is supposed to say that. His master Bill Gates wants to force these deadly genetic engineering injections on China.

The Chinese vaccine is just a normal style vaccine. Whatever you think of the Chinese, they are definitely not trying to murder and sterilize their own population.