Watch: High School Students Stage Walkout Protest Against Forced Masks in Chicago

They said all the kids were brainwashed into trannyism and vax mania.

But maybe they’re not?

New York Post:

Dozens of Chicago-area high school students staged a walkout this week after being told they had to wear masks to attend class — even though an Illinois judge issued a temporary ruling that blocks the state’s school mask mandate.

The maskless students arrived at Vernon Hills High School and Libertyville High School on Monday to protest District 128’s decision to continue requiring face coverings.

Students at Vernon Hills said they were escorted to the gymnasium when they arrived unmasked and given three options: Mask up, remain in the gym for the rest of the day, or leave.

Video posted on social media showed the students trickling out of the school after refusing to don the face masks.

“Most of us in this group have spent most of our high school lives behind these masks. We believe it is time for this to end,” the students said in a joint statement posted on Twitter.

We want to be free of these masks. We want to see each other’s faces. We want to bring back a sense of normalcy and enjoy what is left of our high school years.”

The students argued that many of them were vaccinated — or had previously had COVID and “survived.”

Why did the Times put “survived” in scare quotes?

Isn’t that their doctrine?

That someone who gets the alleged coronavirus is like a Holocaust survivor?

“I got Covid and would have died if wolves wouldn’t have brought me food.”