Watch: Hooded Brutes Shoot 8 Teenage Brutes at Philadelphia Bus Stop

I can’t believe blacks would do something like this, after what happened to them in the Holocaust.

I’ve been to Auschwitz. I’ve seen the piles of shoes.

New York Post:

Harrowing video captured bystanders desperately trying to help some of the eight high school students shot at a Philadelphia bus stop as they sobbed and clutched their blood-soaked injuries.

The bystander footage of the traumatic aftermath of Wednesday’s mass shooting — in which cops say 30 shots were fired, leaving a 16-year-old boy in critical condition — was uploaded to X as proof that “Philly is a warzone.”

It shows frantic pedestrians trying to help several of the sobbing students prone on the sidewalk.

A distraught woman could be heard screaming as the crowd circled to help the children, with one of the male students groaning in pain over a gunshot wound in his right thigh.

Another victim beside him could be seen lying motionless as a large wound on his back created its own pool of blood on the sidewalk.

The most hilarious thing about this rising crime is that there is literally no suggestion of attempting to stop or slow it in any way at all.

These people told us, with straight faces, that if you defunded (or outright abolished) the police, blacks would stop committing crimes. They said that the only reason blacks commit crimes is because police exist.

Much of America took that claim at face value, just like they took the Covid hoax, the Ukraine war, and child trannies at face value.

People will believe anything, and then become shocked and confused when the thing they believed turns out to be yet another hoax.