Watch: Hundreds of Diverse Brutes Take Over Street, Ransack Compton Bakery

It’s unclear why anyone would be surprised that blacks are doing mass looting, given that the United States government has effectively legalized the behavior.

New York Post:

A mob of over 100 looters purposefully crashed a Kia into a small Compton bakery before they flooded in and ransacked the store during a night of rampage on the streets earlier this week.

The thieves had gathered in the area for an illegal street takeover around 3 a.m. Tuesday before making the mile-long trek to Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food.

When they got to the locked store, a white Kia emerged and backed into the front doors, clearing an entryway for the crowd of pillagers to get to their loot.

Security footage captured the chaotic scene in the store as the mob filled their arms and pockets with as much as they could before the store was set to open in three hours.

A majority of the looters attempted to conceal their identities by either wearing a mask or holding their hoods over their faces with their hands.

Meat scales, meat, groceries, and lotto tickets were among the goods stolen in Tuesday morning’s brazen robbery, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Capt. Melissa Ramirez.

Police had received two calls about a car on fire and a street takeover outside of the bakery just before the looting occurred.

Residents of the neighborhood say they don’t feel safe while the crime continues in the Southern LA city.

“When I walked in there and saw you had taken a car and pushed the door in, that was very disheartening for me,” one resident told NBC Los Angeles. “People are coming in and vandalizing, it’s just scary.”

The takeovers have been a problem across Los Angeles County for the past few years, with city and county officials unsuccessfully trying different methods to thwart the gatherings.

In order to prevent this type of behavior, you would need to outlaw it.