Watch: La Creatura Creeps Behind Woman at Bus Stop, Tries to Strangle Her with Shoelace

Who could have predicted that the shoelace strangler would get caught during his first outing at serial killing?

I would have loved to have had an ongoing media saga involving such headlines as “The Shoelace Killer Strikes Again” and “Police Receive Cryptic Message from the Shoelace Killer as They Try to Predict His Next Move.”

You ain’t no Richard Ramirez, dog.

New York Post:

A shocking video shows a Florida man as he creeps up behind an unsuspecting woman at a bus stop and tries to strangle her with a shoelace – before pummeling her as she fights for her life.

Aaron K. Quinones, 27, was slapped with an attempted felony murder charge after the brazen broad daylight attack at a Miami-Dade Transit Bus Stop, cops said.

The attacker ran away on foot but officers found Quinones in the area and took him into custody, police said in a news release.

The Spanish should really have to answer for creating this subrace of shoelace people.

The least they could have done is keep breeding with the Mestizos until they bleached them out to Richard Ramirez levels.