Yids Flip Lips Over Steam Game Where Players Fight the IDF

So, now defending yourself from the IDF is “shooting Jews.”

When the IDF invades your country and starts slaughtering people, it is antisemitic to defend yourself.

You’re not even allowed to pretend you’re defending yourself from the IDF by playing a video game. Even thoughts of defending against a Jewish slaughter are against the rules.

New York Post:

The video game distribution service Steam has come under fire for platforming a controversial game that lets people play as Palestinian gunmen who are shooting up invading Israeli soldiers.

The first-person shooter, released March 31 and dubbed Toofan AlAqsa, is described on Steam’s website as a game about “protecting AlAqsa and Palestine” — ostensibly from the Israel Defense Forces.

“You can upgrade your abilities and kill the enemies faster,” the free game’s description reads.

“Finish all levels and free Palestine. This is for the support of Palestine #FreePalestine.”

On Tuesday, an account on X named “StopAntisemitism” put social media’s spotlight on the game and its violent message.

“Because there’s not enough violence propagated against Jews worldwide, @Steam thought it would be a great idea to platform a game aimed at shooting Jews,” the account said.

Oh no, a video game with violence.

Watch the same conservatives who talked endlessly about “wokeness” in video games come out and demand Steam remove this game.