Watch: Megatron Arrests Top Freedom Convoy Organizers in Canada

After weeks attempting to summon Megatron to take on the truck convoy led by Optimus Prime, Justin Castro has succeeded.

Megatron is here.

And he’s making arrests.


Ottawa Police arrested at least two top organizers behind the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests against Covid-19 restrictions on Thursday as the Canadian government continues its attempts to shut down the demonstration.

Organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were arrested after Ottawa Police received emergency powers and worked to shut the protests in Canada’s capital down.

Interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell had warned on Thursday that a crackdown on protesters was “imminent.”

“To those in the protest, if you want to leave under your own terms now is the time to do it,” Bell said, threatening to “employ lawful techniques to remove the unlawful protesters.”

Chris Barber was on Tucker Carlson at the end of January.

Seemed like both a smart and grounded working (verging on middle) class guy, which is exactly the kind of guy you don’t want on the ground organizing people.

It’s no wonder that the big boss of fighting against big trucks took him out first.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime has had his bank account frozen, which has prevented him from refueling his diesel tank or having a much needed oil change.

As the old saying goes “oil changes are half the battle.”

What’s next?