Watch: Mysterious Hooded Figures Loot Oakland Gas Station with Total Impunity

I’m more leaning towards the blacks.

I don’t really care about the victims.

Mostly, I think it’s funny.

New York Post:

A mob of looters ransacked an Oakland gas station convenience store and caused thousands of dollars in damage as the frustrated store manager claimed police took nine hours to respond to his plea for help.

The horde, who had just attended a nearby car sideshow, broke into the 76 Station near the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport around 4:30 a.m. on Friday, according to ABC 7 News Bay Area.

Owner Sam Mardaie estimated approximately 80 to 100 people broke through his store’s front door and grabbed everything they could get their hands on.

“Shelves were ripped apart, all the grocery items were torn or stepped on or vandalized,” Mardaie told the outlet.

Sam Mardaie.

Video surveillance obtained by the outlet showed the looters snatching drinks from the fridges, food items off the shelves, boxes and baskets belonging to the store and a television.

Some climbed over the register and looted items from underneath the counter.

The mob was reportedly upset they weren’t allowed inside the store as the business was only offering window service, a normal occurrence for the 24/7 shop during the overnight hours.

Approximately $25,000 in cash was taken from the store’s register and ATM, but the looters couldn’t grab the safe.

Two employees inside the store were threatened during the mass pillaging, which lasted around 40 minutes, Mardaie told KTVU.

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