Watch: Obama Says Billions Who Took Coronavirus Vaccine Worldwide are Test Subjects

It’s 2022, and Barack Obama is running for a third term in the midterms because the Democrats were too selfish, retarded, and incompetent to displace Bernie Sanders in the primaries with anyone other than a senile scam artist.

But should Obama be selling the idea that people who took the safe and effective coronavirus vaccine (which does not work) were test subjects in a genetic engineering experiment?

I don’t know, but it probably doesn’t even matter.

The election fraud in 2020 was utterly absurd, where they shut down the count at 3 AM in all of these swing states and then literally brought in boxes of ballots on trucks, while boarding up the windows.

Jew moron – hide your nose with that mask!

Surely, they can do a better job this year?

And if not, who cares? The GOP is more fanatical about war with Russia than the Democrats even – and they’re also pro-vax and pro child anal.

America is a joke country, and like the people before Noah’s flood or the denizens of Sodom, they deserve everything they are going to get.