Watch: Pro-Palestine Protesters Block Manhattan Bridge

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BLM is not the same thing as Palestine, you gay moron.

Jews actually do kill babies, and beyond that, Jews control the US government and do every “woke” thing you are supposedly against, including funding BLM.

So actually, protesting the Jews is the opposite of protesting for BLM. If you’re pro-Jew, you’re pro-woke.

Although to be clear: no one should ever block a road.

New York Post:

Pro-Palestinian protesters halted traffic in NYC on Sunday afternoon by descending at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas — even though there has been a cease-fire since Friday.

A number of arrests were made as hundreds of protesters sat down on the heavily trafficked East River overpass and held their fists in the air while shouting “Let Gaza Live” and wearing shirts that read “Cease Fire Now.”

They can’t be expected to get new t-shirts just because the Jews agreed to stop shooting for a few hours.

They called for President Joe Biden to end his support of Israel’s military campaign.

“Business as usual cannot continue, as thousands of Palestinians are trapped under the rubble,” Jay Saper, of the protest-organizing Jewish Voice for Peace, told The Post.

“We’ve gathered to raise our voices for a permanent and lasting cease-fire. The majority of Americans are with us, polling shows that.

“We’re elevating the voices of New Yorkers who are calling for a cease-fire.”

The demonstrators demanded that the US halt its military support for Israel, and pressure the leaders of the Jewish state to end its assault on Gaza.

“We don’t believe there is a military solution,” Saper said. “We believe the causes of violence are oppression. We first need to address 75 years of Israeli apartheid. Sixteen years of suffering and blockade against the people of Gaza.”

Three demonstrators — one woman and two men — were arrested during the protest, according to law enforcement sources.

One protester could be seen spray painting “Gaza” on a support beam of the bridge.

Despite the organizers’ claim of widespread support, everyday New Yorkers were furious that the traffic blockade was throwing a wrench in their travel plans.

Yeah, no one likes this, and it really harms the cause.

I’ll bet this protest was organized by the Jews to make the goyim look bad.

“Oh hell no — I have to get across the bridge!” Pam Allen, a fashion model on her way to a show in Brooklyn, told The Post. “I’m all for peace, but this right here, this is a problem.”

She continued: “I get it, I understand the message — but this solves nothing!

One person who was driving a commercial van became aggravated that the protesters ruined his commute.

I’m just trying to get home after working all night!” he told The Post. “This makes me mad. How do I get home?”

Yeah, let’s see the organizers.

Guarantee it’s the Jews.

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