Watch: To WEF, Fauci Says Disinformation is Destroying Public Health

“Democracy” is so nebulous and fickle.

It just wiggles through your fingers.

We all thought – and were taught in school – it was about actualized individuals (everyone is actualized) making informed decisions based on free access to information. Now, we’re learning that actually, free information – and therefore informed decision-making by the population – is a threat.

It’s all very contrived. If they are saying that democratic outcomes are a result of the information people have access to, then they are claiming that the government and CNN/NYT/WaPo have a divine right to dictate democratic outcomes.

Andrew Anglin wrote a famous article about this, way back in 2018: If Fake News is a Problem for Democracy, Then Democracy is a Problem

Lord Fauci just told the World Economic Forum that disinformation is “destroying public health.”

The only conceivable solution, of course, is mass censorship of anyone who disagrees with the narrative. Lord Fauci, who is the total and complete master of reality – he is The Science – has been particularly upset about Joe Rogan.

Rogan recently interviewed one of his colleagues, Robert Malone, who is against the vaccine and also says that The Lord of The Science, Dr. Fauci, is just a liar.

Meanwhile, Robert Kennedy Jr. recently published a book attacking Fauci.

Fauci also said that Rand Paul saying “fire Fauci” is a threat to his life. Paul means “fire” as in “dismiss from employment,” but many may read the statement to mean “fire a gun,” Fauci claimed at a Congressional hearing.

(I’m bored of “The Odd Couple” Rand and Tony Show, but here’s the clip for anyone interested.)

So, you might think this is personal.

And of course it is personal. Because Lord Fauci is, personally, the embodiment of The Science.

Any criticism of Fauci is therefore a direct attack on our values and who we are – and it’s time to shut it down.


If Joe Rogan won’t shut his mouth, then it’s time for the World Economic Forum to shut it for him.

Trillions are dead because of this virus.

Our democracy cannot maintain it.

Lord Fauci – he can’t maintain it either. He single-handedly brought physical matter out of the void of eternal chaos to create all physical matter and life in the realms of men. But he cannot tolerate people disinforming against him. That could crush him entirely.

And if Fauci is crushed, would all physical reality dissolve along with him?

We simply do not know.

But we can’t take that risk.