Watch: Vegas Rock Climber Climbs 60+ Floor Hotel Without Rope to Protest Virus Regime

Finally, someone is standing up – and climbing up – against the Virus Tyranny!

Daily Caller:

A Las Vegas rock-climber was seen scaling a 600-foot Strip hotel early Tuesday morning. He planned the stunt to protest local and nationwide COVID-19 mandates.

These new mandates are a threat to our freedoms and a threat to our civil liberties,” Maison Des Champs said in a video he recorded mid-climb. “Fifteen days have slowly turned into 400-something, and now is the time to draw the line.”

Des Champ climbed over 60 floors of the Aria hotel before he was caught by police at the top of the building, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He was arrested for trespassing not amounting to burglary and disorderly conduct. The climber was released soon after the same day.

The climb was also intended to promote an upcoming protest, which Des Champs plans to host in front of the Planet Hollywood Casino on Aug. 14.

Des Champs’ passion for fighting the mandates was in part due to his “relationship with mental health,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Like many other people, the lockdowns caused me to re-examine my mental health,” he said. “I luckily pulled out of it, but unneeded damage was done.”

Matters became worse when his grandfather committed suicide in October.

No one is keeping track of these suicides.

You’d just assume someone would be, but they’re not.

They’ve also loosened their tracking of drug overdoses.

Obviously, more people have died from the lockdown than the virus – I don’t even think the hardcore virus kooks dispute that. Their argument is that it doesn’t matter how many die, because the virus is much worse.