Wellesley College Students Protest Hillary Clinton, Call Her a War Criminal

Hillary Clinton is a war criminal?

Is that true?

I thought she was purely morally good because she has a vagina? Someone told me that. I didn’t know she was a war criminal.

New York Post:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced student protests during a visit to her alma mater, Wellesley College, on Saturday.

Clinton had returned to campus in order to receive the honor of a college building being named after her.

Protesters were lined up to harass attendees of a women-led democracy summit on campus that also featured Clinton.

Wait, so a woman-controlled democracy is a war machine that goes around the globe slaughtering random people in the name of the Jews?

Is that true?

Someone told me a woman-controlled democracy is a utopia.

Local news outlets say angry students also circulated pamphlets around campus saying Clinton is Wellesley’s “most beloved war criminal,” and arguing that she has “blood on her hands.”

School administrators acknowledged the protest but did not condemn it.

“I encourage all who participate in activism to follow the demonstration policy and be mindful of our Code of Student Conduct so that you remain safe for yourself, and for our community,” vice president and dean of students Sheilah Shaw Horton said in a statement.

Sheilah don’t care nothing about that bitch Hillary and her stupid ass wars.

Politics make strange bedfellows, I suppose.

Daily Stormer officially endorses Sheilah and her anti-Hillary agenda.

Free Palestine!