What do Chinese People Think About Jews?

Daily Stormer
November 30, 2014

Here is a video wherein Chinese people are asked what they think about the Jews. Universally, they answer something about how they are good with money.

In my experience with Chinese people, they desire to emulate the Jews. And some of them do a pretty good job. In most of Southeast Asia, everything is owned by ethnic Chinese, yet they do no labor. The same thing is now happening in Africa.

The difference is that Chinese focus purely on the material, while Jews have a spiritual side which desires destruction. Chinese people are indifferent – if they can make money off sex and other degeneracy they will, if they can’t then they have no specific reason for pushing it. They don’t try to push gay rights on Africans just because they could, because there is no profit in that.

Chinese did evolve, in many ways, as a merchant race. However, due to the fact that they always had their own self-sufficient enclaves, they were not parasites and thus did not require the kind of deviancy the Jew has.

It is very interesting to compare the two groups, as it makes clear just how sick and weird of a creature the Jew actually is.