What Is Wrong with Not Wanting to Associate with Certain Ethnic, Religious or Racial Groups?

Robert Lindsay
July 28, 2014

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Jason Y says:

No, I disagree. It’s an easy way out. We can’t just tell whole races of people to fuck off cause a few hurt us. One reason is because all races of people have punks who are going to test us. Look at South Korea’s hatred of Japan. It’s ridiculous. Thinking of other human beings as devils in this modern day of age. Give me a break.

You pick and choose who you hang around with.

There is a phrase in English called “coming back for more.” It means more or less coming back for more abuse after you have already been abused to Hell and back.

A sensible person has X number of bad experiences with some group and then they just say, “Ok, enough is enough. I am done with these people. I’ve met one too many of them for one lifetime. If I ever see another [person of X group] again, it will be too soon.”

Life is about harm avoidance, not repeatedly leaping into sizzling frying pans after you have done it over and over and got burned every time.

Do you know how many times West Africans have tried to rip off, cheat, scam or just plain act bad with my friends and me? You have no idea.

I would never go to West African countries. I have friends that have gone there, and almost in the case of everyone I know who went there, the Africans had tried to rip them off. One woman went there alone, and it was an utterly Hellish nightmare. These places are all hellholes. You have to be out of your head to go there.

We had a Yahoo group, and we had so many awful experiences with these terrible West African people. They stole and tried to steal from group members, tried to scam or did scam members, engaged in a behavior we called “wife scamming” and acted horrible to the women in the group chats we had, where almost all of them would get on cam, ask to chat with the women and right away whip their cocks out and start jacking off at the women. Some women were really upset by that, almost traumatized.

This happened so many times that we made a totally racist rule – No Black Africans Allowed in the Group. I am very proud that we made that rule, and I would make it again. A huge number of members screamed, “Racism!” and left the group. Some went off to form new groups where they let West Africans in. And women in those new groups kept getting fucked over, used and ripped off by these West African monsters.

We also heard a number of stories about women who had married West African men, often Nigerians. In 100% of the cases, the marriage was a total catastrophe.

98% of the West Africans I met on the Net were simply predators in one form or another. They were all out to scam something – money, a wife, you name it.

We continued to allow Black Americans into the group though. We did not have a lot of problems with them, and many of them were very good people, in fact, a number were victims of the West Africans.

However, I had a Nigerian PA a while back, and I liked him a lot, but even he admitted that his country was full of scumbags – liars, cheaters and thieves. I also had a friend from a place called Togo, and he was a really good person. Haven’t talked to him in a long time though.

I can usually figure out if someone is a good person or not. If I meet a West African and they are a good person, then I would be ok with them.

As far as Gypsies, 5 for 5. I met four, and they all tried to steal from me. The 5th one I met just got out of jail. They all talked in this sleazy version of Ebonics ghetto nigger language. Fuck Gypsies. I have met enough Gypsies for one lifetime.

I recently met a woman who was an Assyrian Christian from Iran.

She said, “You know, I hate to say this, but I hate Arabs.”

She also said she hated Yazidis and Kurds. What it boiled down was the whole time she was in Iran, the Arabs, Iranians, Yazidis and Kurds treated her and the other Christians like complete dirt. Also she knew that in the history of her people, Arabs, Kurds and Turks had massacred her people over and over. In fact, Arabs are massacring Assyrian Christians in Syria and Iraq right now. All of these persecuting groups were Muslims, and Near Eastern Muslims had abused her and her people so many times that she had had it with them.

Is she a racist? No idea. But if she is, I say, “Good for her!” She and her ancestors had had one too many bad experiences with these Muslims, and it didn’t look like these Mohammadens were going to change in the future. In fact, they seem to be getting even worse. She had gotten smart, wised up, and said “I’m out of here,” with regard to all of those Near Eastern Muslims.

After a certain number of bad experiences with a racial or ethnic group, it makes a Helluva lot of sense not to want to have anything to do with them anymore.

It’s beyond me why this is considered racism.