White Women Attacked: FSU Offers Course Denouncing Evil of White Womanhood Using KKK Photo

It’s really hard to sympathize with white women. They are now officially under attack by the system, but they have spent so many decades working for the system to harm white men, that seeing them under attack cannot do anything other than produce a sly grin.

Campus Reform:

An upcoming class at Florida State University promises to examine the “weaponizing” of White womanhood. According to a flyer for the summer 2021 section of WST 4930, the discussion will cover the “History of Karen.”

The poster includes a cartoon portraying an emoji-character with a stereotypical hairstyle alongside an image of women draped in Klan hoods.

The poster also prominently features a quote attributed to New York Times columnist Charles Blow.

“The activation of white terror is a white woman’s soft power,” the poster reads. “We like to masculinize white supremacy, to presume it reeks of testosterone, when in fact, it is just as likely to be spritzed by perfume.”

One of the books for the course is called “There are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce,” written by Moran Parker. The title presumably references the singer Beyonce. The cover features an older, rough-looking black female spread eagle on a bed.

That is an incredibly cumbersome book title. It’s unclear if it means “there are things more beautiful than Beyonce” or “Beyonce isn’t the only beautiful thing.” I almost want to download the book after seeing that title, because the only reason that title would go to print is that the publisher was afraid of angering the author.

It makes sense they would be afraid of angering her, when you look up her picture.

Oh wait, sorry, that’s the wrong picture (they all look alike). Here’s Morgan Parker.

If the publisher wouldn’t clear up that illiterate title, it’s possible they might not have edited the book at all, which could make it a fun thing to flip through. I might go ahead and see if I can get a copy. I’ve been wondering about this recent spate of black books.

I tried to read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book “We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy” about Barack Obama, and it was just boring, meandering whining. There is nothing that makes it more clear that blacks do not have any clear agenda beyond “man f–k whitey” than the fact that their top intellectual wrote a hate screed with no discernible message. What was especially striking was how disconnected Coates appeared to be from the experiences of the average black person.

I’ve tried a couple other black books. They release them in droves now, and many are clearly not written by the person whose name is on the front. In my experience, these books by blacks about “black power” are not really intended to be read, but rather to be assigned in these college classes, and to be used as a justification for the ability of a black person to speak on public policy issues. Therefore, their content is not important.

Karen and the Impending Downfall of the Dumb Slut

This claim that white women have collectively worked to hurt black people is actually the opposite of the truth. White women were the only reason that Jim Crow ended. They were the force behind every social revolution invented by Jews.

White women aggressively demanded the normalization of blackness, not least because they wanted to have sex with black men. They also project their maternal instinct onto colored people when the Jews tell them they are like children that have been victimized. White women also simply have an in-born drive to attack and destroy white men.

It was always in the cards that once white women did their job, and put blacks and other foreigners up above white men, they would be cast aside. We are witnessing that casting aside now – just following the biggest ever push by white women to aid the Jewish agenda and hurt white men during the Black Lives Matter protests of last year.

Having spent a lot of time looking at photos and videos of the BLM protests, I’ve come to the definitive conclusion that across the nation, white women were more likely to engage in protest than any other demographic in the country. By my estimate, 60% of total protesters were white women, 30% were black (male and female) and the other 10% was “other” (including white men). Often times you would see protests that were 100% white women.

More often, it was 90% white women, with 5-10% dorky “boyfriend” guys.

The big city riots were obviously black, but I don’t really believe those people were politically motivated. It was more just an excuse for violence and looting. If they are politically motivated, then their agenda is not really clear. White women do what they do specifically to harm white men, out of some sadistic, satanic drive. Blacks collectively do not seem to have that kind of clear-cut agenda, save for some of the frizzy-haired mulattoes from the university.

Two things are very clear:

  1. Since their liberation, white women have worked very hard to dispossess white men of their heritage, using all sorts of different means, often involving an alliance with foreign groups (blacks, immigrants) or the mentally ill (homosexuals, transsexuals, pedophiles)
  2. As a reward for their hard work dispossessing the white men who worked to give them everything they have, white women are going to be thrown under the bus by the Jewish-controlled establishment, being labeled as no different than the white men they fought so hard to destroy

White women are now all being labeled “Karen,” which is a slur for a white woman that the establishment views as “having too much power.” Though they will claim a “Karen” is a specific kind of white woman who isn’t enthusiastic enough about black power, it actually just means all white women, who are being labeled as secret KKK racists.

Educated black women in particular seem to specifically hate white women, and regularly come out and say they deserve to be killed or otherwise punished.

Educated black women have actually gone so far as to claim that white women are “stealing the spotlight” at their BLM rallies. And they’re not actually wrong.

Look at this picture:

The black women are looking bored and uncomfortable, while the white women make a big show of themselves, trying to look cute while also self-righteously celebrating their own supposed morality.

Under the bus they will go.

White women are stupid, so it is going to take them some time to figure out what is going on. You’d have thought that replacing their entire sports industry with transsexuals would have alerted them that there is a force moving against them, but they are simply too stupid to recognize something obvious.

Instead, individual women will not recognize what is going on until they are individually attacked. The good news is, very soon, all individual white women are going to face individual attacks by this system.

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We don’t know how women will respond to this. Maybe there is some system program for dealing with it, but I can’t really imagine what it would be. Most likely, these dirty whores will be running back to white men, and begging to be protected.