Whoopi Goldberg Claims Trump Doesn’t Exist, Video of Him Generated by AI

Wow, Whoopi’s looking great

It’s already happening.


Leave it to Whoopi Goldberg to drop a bombshell on The View then slyly cut to commercial. The longtime moderator made our jaws drop this morning when she toted a peculiar theory about Donald Trump, claiming that appearances from the one-term president are products of artificial intelligence.

Her bold remark came at the very end of a chat about South Carolina Gov. Kristi Noem, who used a bizarre video on X (formerly known as Twitter) to promote dental work she’d received from a Texas business.

During the segment, Joy Behar named other politicians who could peddle wares like Noem, suggesting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sell “platform shoes,” while reminding the panel that Trump already has “those ridiculous sneakers,” referring to his $399 Never Surrender High-Tops.

“They all have a product now!” Behar exclaimed. “This is the United States of America.”

Goldberg used her co-host’s mention of Trump to share her latest thoughts on the 2024 Republican hopeful.

“I have to say this before we go: I don’t believe Trump is actually out there,” she confessed. “I think that’s an AI of him.”

As the table reacted in awe at Goldberg’s admission, she only doubled down.

“I think a lot of that has been AI,” she said. “That’s just my opinion, but that’s what I think.”

When she said “not actually out there,” she’s apparently implying he’s dead (or maybe never existed at all).

This is actually a pretty big story for me. It should be a long article. It was in fact a big part of the Illness Revelations that AI was going to start to unravel basic perceptions of reality itself in a way that will lead to a very serious transformation of humanity (which I support, regardless of the specific outcomes).

It’s logical that this inability to determine the nature of reality due to the existence of AI would hit black people first. A lot of stuff hits black people first. But it’s going to hit everyone. Many whites will of course use complex psychological mechanisms to go into denial about the fact that it is happening to them. But it will happen to them, regardless of whether they refuse to consciously acknowledge it.

But you know. It’s Sunday. And the implications here are big enough that they would require me to push my brain further than I want to push it.

I’ve started thinking about my brain as being on a battery, if you feel me. It’s like the battery of a gaming laptop, where you can turn it up to “performance mode,” but it drains it really fast. If you put it on “battery saver,” it can’t render games correctly, but the battery lasts a lot longer, and you can use it for other things.

“Burnout” is from using the “performance mode” of your brain for too long, and the battery shutting off.

You feel me?

I guess I need to go back and explain this in a long article, and explain why I support inflicting this mass trauma on the population, even while I admit that I don’t know what the outcomes are going to be.

I’ll do that sometime soon.

Don’t worry.