Wired Magazine Blames “Male Fragility” for Zoe Quinn’s Problems

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

Zoe Quinn, the evil skank who just drove a game developer named Alec Holowka to suicide over unproven allegations that he grabbed her by the pussy ten years ago, is actually being defended by Wired. They’ve published an insane article written by a psychotic part-Jew feminist named Laurie Penny. She paints Quinn as a victim and blames so-called “male fragility” for all of her alleged problems.

In other words, she claims Quinn is the real victim because she’s a woman and women must be believed no matter what. According to her, it doesn’t matter if Quinn’s allegations are provable or not. Facts, logic and reason can’t enter into the equation. Quinn being a female is all that is required.

Penny doesn’t think we should consider Quinn’s track record of having sex with men in order to get positive coverage for her fake video games. Nor should we consider all the other unethical shit she’s been involved in over the past several years. Shit like the hoax Kickstarter campaign she promoted in which she scammed around $85,000 from investors.

But we’re dealing with a situation in which Quinn made comically ridiculous sexual assault claims without ever going to the police to report them. Instead of filing a police report, she went straight to social media. It was effectively a way for her to smear a man without any due process and to get him fired from his job. Not only was Quinn successful in getting him fired, but the stress from the ordeal drove him to suicide.

Her actions are indefensible, which is what makes this article so insane. It largely ignores the fact that a man had his life ruined by this evil bitch and is now dead as a result.

Describing men who are angry at what happened as having “male fragility” is ridiculous. People are rightly upset that Quinn made retard-tier allegations in order to try and start a hoax #MeToo movement in the gaming industry. And being angry at the situation does not make someone a “troll” as Penny suggests in her article. She’s deceptively conflating two very different concepts.

If we were to apply Penny’s logic in reverse, women who get upset over a man bullying a woman to suicide with false accusations could be described as having “female fragility.” In fact, maybe that term should be used to attack feminists who are constantly whining about how they are allegedly oppressed by the supposed patriarchy.

Feminist skank and part-Jew Laurie Penny.

Penny’s Twitter feed is literal cancer and proves that she is an empty-headed bitch with no creative ideas. On her feed she reiterates her belief that Quinn’s accusations are 100 percent factual despite them being totally unproven.

And to illustrate how insane this ugly front hole is, she is literally asking if someone will marry her in a fake wedding so people will visit her.

This stupid bitch somehow has 180,000 Twitter followers but has little user interaction in her tweets. So it is quite possible that her Twitter following has been boosted through artificial methods. Because it is hard to believe that this amount of people would actually be interested in reading anything that this useless and untalented whore has to say.

It’s a bit difficult to believe that a mainstream technology publication like Wired has sunk to such a level where they are willfully publishing such unbelievable rubbish. But nothing is a surprise in a society whose culture is being degraded under the influence and subversion of Jews.