With Bradleys and Leopards Getting Blown Up, White House Says They’re Not Worried About Ukie Casualties

The Spring Counteroffensive has finally begun, and it is truly a wonder to behold.

With no air support, the “Ukraine people” are driving all of their best equipment through open fields to have it blown up. They actually appear to be blowing some of their stuff up on their own mines, which is quite frankly some Wile E. Coyote type shit.

There is a lot of video now of both Bradley and Leopard tanks being blown up.

It’s been a real rough few days for our brave “Rainbow Heroes of the Order of the Stretched Anus.”


On Thursday, Colonel-General Aleksandr Romanchuk, a commander of a Russian unit operating in Zaporozhye Region, reported that Kiev’s forces had lost over 30 tanks during an overnight offensive. Ukrainian losses also reportedly included up to 350 personnel, as well as three Leopard tanks and more than 10 infantry fighting vehicles.

According to Romanchuk, the first losses suffered by the Ukrainian army were during an attempt to cross a minefield. The official claimed that four tanks had been destroyed, as well as a demining machine.

He stated that Russian forces had then opened fire on Ukrainian troops, who chose to abandon their plan to cross the minefield.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released its latest battlefield report in which it claimed that Ukraine had lost up to 1,240 troops and 39 tanks in just 24 hours. The losses are in addition to the heavy toll suffered during a week when Kiev is believed to have finally launched its long-anticipated counteroffensive.

The ministry claimed that Ukraine’s armed forces also lost 30 infantry fighting vehicles, 38 armored vehicles, dozens of pieces of artillery and other military hardware, as well as two military jets, two UK-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles, and 13 drones.

This is just wild.

The only thing they can be doing is the “make your enemy think you’re insane” strategy.

Meanwhile, the White House is unfazed.

This CNN video is entitled “Ukraine claims new progress in key advance against Russia”:

In the video, you will find John Kirby.


Speaking in a CNN interview on Thursday evening, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he was reluctant to discuss specifics on casualties amid increasingly fierce fighting near Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine). Asked by host Wolf Blitzer about reports of severe Ukrainian losses of men and equipment, he deferred to Ukrainian officials to comment on such details.

“This is war, though, and there is . . . some heavy fighting around Bakhmut, and there’s fighting elsewhere along that front that arches all the way from the Donbass down toward Zaporozhye,” Kirby said. “And certainly, it’s to be expected that there could be casualties in this increased fighting.”

Kirby said the Biden administration aims to enable the Kiev regime to launch attacks against Russian forces whenever it wishes. “What we’re going to be focused on is making sure that if and when and how President [Vladimir] Zelensky wants to fight along that line or any other line, that he’s got the support he needs not just from the United States, but from 50 other partners.”

Biden vowed on Thursday to continue arming Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” US lawmakers have already approved $113 billion in funding for military and economic aid to Kiev, and he said he expects members of Congress to continue backing Ukraine’s efforts to drive Russian forces out of its territory.

Blitzer noted a warning from US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) that it will be “very difficult” to get congressional approval for more funding if “Ukraine isn’t making gains out there on the battlefield.” Asked whether that assessment is correct, Kirby said the administration has all the Ukraine funding it needs through the end of its current fiscal year, on September 30.

“We’ve had terrific support from both chambers of Congress and both parties over the last 15 months, and the president has said he expects that support will continue because members of Congress, they understand what’s at stake here – certainly inside Ukraine, but also on the European continent,” Kirby said.

So, this is the situation: the Ukrainians are being told that if they don’t “make progress,” they will have all their money cut. Therefore, the Ukrainians decided to blow up a dam to distract the Russians and then just start sending very expensive tanks through fields (many of which, I will remind you again, they have themselves mined).

Our friend Patrick Lancaster visited the territory that the Ukraine claims to now control.

It does not look like the Ukraine controls that territory.

Virulent supporters of the war are having a hard time processing what is happening, as the opening of this offensive has been marked by the completely pointless suicide-driving of the most expensive of the NATO equipment into open fields to be destroyed.

They are of course coming up with their own fake numbers, but you can’t deny the video from Friday of the now infamous “bunched up tanks in an open field” event.

Weeb Union isn’t laughing anymore.

He is in shock – “we are seeing an utter failure, an utter catastrophe … we cannot continue to say these are probing attacks … it doesn’t make sense.”

“It has achieved nothing,” he added. “It makes no sense.”

That nigga was talking about “taking Crimea.”

Worse and Worse and Worse

Today, there is more video of Bradleys and Leopards getting blown up after driving into mine fields.

Again, these are just open fields. There is no other way for the Ukraine to cross into Russia-controlled territory. But they do not have air support, and Russia has had months and months to prepare.

In the video, the US tanks are firing into the woods as they get wrecked. The Ukrainians then abandon the vehicles as another one explodes on a mine. The Ukrainians get out of the tanks, and try to create smoke cover so they can flee on foot.

Again, these are probably their own mines. Maybe they are Russian mines. Either way, this amount of destruction, for apparently no reason, is just shocking.

The above video was recorded and posted to Telegram by Ukrainians, obviously. So everyone in the military is seeing this stuff on their phones.

Nearly a thousand more men died on Saturday, after losing more than a thousand on Friday. They were giving the number of four thousand casualties on Thursday.

This is the Spring Counteroffensive. These are the mighty American weapons.

This is hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment destroyed in a period of three days. For no reason. Millions and millions of dollars went into training the thousands of soldiers who have died. For no reason.

I think there is going to have to be some kind of recalibration.

I have no idea what percentage of the equipment this is, but it is a significant percent. And there is zero reason to believe that anything is going to change as new waves are sent into these open fields.

Remember that these people were telling you how important and strategic Bakhmut was, then they started saying it was symbolic. It was not symbolic, actually. When the Ukrainians had a foothold in Bakhmut, they could move into the territory of the front. Now, they have no way in at all.

It’s nice to see Colonel Macgregor doing a victory lap. He’s been doing interviews since the counteroffensive started, and he had a right to be a bit smug.

He’s been saying since the beginning that this was going to happen. He’s been a bit off on his timeframes, but he was nonetheless totally right, and he is now vindicated.

But he’s not smug. He’s too dignified for smugness.

Here’s his two latest, both from Friday. (The second one is with a Serb woman, so starts with the Serbia/Kosovo talk before getting into the Ukraine issue.)



Meanwhile, Zelensky is now calling on the West to send in “The Beast” to “finally really destroy Russia for real.”

However, Joe Biden has said “sending in The Beast would definitely really cause World War III for sure.”

Analysts say, however, that Joe Biden doesn’t want to send “The Beast,” because he has deployed it to protect the streets of America: