Women on Television Create the Mass Delusion of Female Competence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2019

I’ve been watching Stargate: Atlantis, and let me tell you: this is the best of the Stargates.

Except maybe the Stargate Project, which was a CIA plan to train psychic warriors that could walk through walls. That was probably a really good Stargate. But in terms of Stargate shows, Atlantis is top of the pops.

But like every TV show, this show has something that is 6,000,000 times more fantastical than ancient pyramid civilizations building wormhole portals: it has competent women.

The entire base is run by Elizabeth Weir, a scientist, who is 1000% capable of completely running a high-tech space mission to recover the technology of a millions of years old civilization of pyramid people.

Another main character is Teyla, a sultry mulatess who is a master of martial arts.

And also a genius with guns and shooting people.

You all know this is in every single show.

There are always super-competent women.

And this is not a politically correct show. It’s not social justice. It’s just a normal show.

I am not talking about the “Mary Sue” phenomenon of female characters who can just do anything at all simply because they are women.

I’m just talking about the concept of women who display competence at being in charge of things, fighting or managing stressful situations of any kind.

The actual reality, of course, is that if you look around you, you will not find a woman who can manage a McDonald’s.


In real life, women are virtually incapable of doing anything, at all. They cannot handle any situation that involves pressure or stress without having an emotional breakdown. And this is universal.

You all know this from your own experience. You have all seen women who are put in positions of authority and are completely and totally incapable of handling the situation, and end up having men prop them up at every turn.

But everyone in society has this concept that women are capable of being competent, and that it is just the ones that they meet in their personal lives who just are – by coincidence – completely incompetent.

This is a mass psychological phenomenon, that is purely the result of exposure to entertainment media.

You see, our subconscious minds are not capable of telling the difference between television and reality. When we see something happening on television, our brains log it as being real. Of course, our conscious minds override that in certain cases – for instance, we all know that the US military is (probably) not actually secretly running an ancient pyramid technology base in another galaxy.

But subliminally, we absorb the human relationships aspect of these shows as being real human interactions. And so everyone kind of assumes, due to this mental programming, that there is such a thing as a competent woman.

In fact, no such thing exists, at all.

All women are incompetent at everything.

Once again: you all know this.

You’ve all seen it.

You’ve seen the way they not only cannot handle any form of responsibility, but also that they cannot take responsibility for anything, and will compulsively blame other people for all of their failures.

It is more likely that you’ve seen a Stargate portal than a woman capable of competently managing a complex situation.

The only thing that women can do competently is sit around and gossip. And you’ll notice that this is the main thing that you witness them doing in real life.

We need to be aware of the way TV tropes have invaded our psyches.

And we need to ask why, if these women are incapable of doing literally anything at all, we have a massive and massively expensive education complex existing for the ostensible purpose of educating them to put them in jobs where they will take on responsibilities they are biologically incapable of managing.

For example, we may ask ourselves: is this all part of a Jewish conspiracy to keep us from breeding by ensuring that the creatures which should be carrying our children – white women – are playing a children’s game where they pretend to be men?