World Economic Forum Says Global Economy Collapsing

I guess these people would know.

They are the “World Economic Forum,” after all.


The cost-of-living crisis, looming recession and mounting debt are the biggest short-term threats facing the global economy, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Risks Report has warned.

The world will hardly see any relief in the next two years as countries struggle with “energy, inflation, food and security crises,” the annual survey of 1,200 government, business and civil society professionals, published ahead of the Davos summit, said.

Two thirds of respondents suggested that multiple shocks stemming from the recent Covid-19 pandemic and an ongoing conflict in Ukraine will cause distress to the global economy in the near future, while a fifth of the experts are forecasting “catastrophic outcomes” within a decade.

The authors of the report call for global cooperation and claim that if authorities fail to manage the current crisis, they “risk creating societal distress at an unprecedented level, as investments in health, education and economic development disappear, further eroding social cohesion.”

WEF managing director Saadia Zahidi, who believes that the world might be entering a “vicious cycle,” warns that “in this already toxic mix of known and rising global risks, a new shock event, from a new military conflict to a new virus, could become unmanageable.”

It’s already unmanageable for a lot of people, which is leading the governments to print more and more money to keep people from rioting.

There’s a good chance that it could become unmanageable for the governments sooner rather than later. That’s what the WEF saying it’s going to be unmanageable seems to imply – that they think they’re not going to be able to manage it.

It’s exhausting to see boomers claiming constantly that these people have everything under control, because that obviously isn’t true.