Ye is Back! They Can’t Control Him! It’s Up! Illuminati Conspiracies! Jesus is King!

Ye was gone for a while, but he’s back with a new video interview from his car.

The entire clip that is currently available is here. He was clearly talking longer than this, but only 2 minutes can be found on the internet.

Ye says he wants to talk to Minister Farrakhan, who he claims slighted him in a recent statement. This was apparently a reference to a recent clip from the Minister about Ye and Kyrie Irving.

Farrakhan seemed respectful in the clip, so I don’t really understand what the issue was. It would have been nice to have the whole clip to see the context of that.

Ye also talked about the fact that every other black besides him is controlled. Presumably, the sports people are just controlled with money, but we now know, from the texts Ye published, that these Jews will also threaten to kidnap and chemically lobotomize black entertainers who speak out about the Jew problem.

Moreover, Ye claims that rappers kill people and get caught and then agree to be completely controlled by the Jew music industry who can hold the crimes over their heads. Although there is no proof of this, it seems true, intuitively. It fits in logically with the Jewish record industry obsession with gangster rap – they can make sure that all of the top performers in black music are 100% controlled. No one facing decades in prison for multiple murders – which most of the top gang rappers would have on them – is going to speak out and have charges brought.

Ye also went into the concept of Illuminati type ritual sacrifice, suggesting that his own mother was killed in some kind of ritual. He said that Michael Jordan’s dad and Dr. Dre’s son were also killed in a sacrifice. If I could talk to Ye, I would tell him that while this may be true, it’s not the best topic to be talking about right now – especially given that he has that Jew Harley Pasternak dead to rights threatening to “send him to zombieland” by mass drugging him. That Jew is probably some kind of MK Ultra handler. There’s a lot of stuff to go into there without going into questionable areas of human ritual sacrifice of the loved ones of celebrities.

To be fair, he doesn’t say all of that. I’m just familiar with the theories, so I understand what he’s hinting at. But all he really did was hint. He said that there seem to be a lot of people coming up dead in Hollywood, and this is very obviously true, and it’s fair to say. It’s just that if you go too far in that direction, they will start to pigeon-hole you as a kook theorist, and that takes away from the stuff you can prove definitively.

I’m very glad to see Ye back, and I’d really like to see another long-form interview with him, hopefully with someone a bit friendlier. At this point, it would make sense for him to start going onto alternative media platforms where he’s going to get a fair hearing, instead of going to be harassed again by the likes of Piers Morgan and Lex Friedman.

We are rolling home to glory. Ye is tired, I’m sure, but this is about our country and about God and we need to keep the pressure on the Jews.