Yipper and Altman Agree About the Threat of People Who are Against Murdering Children

Elon Musk needs to be put on fucking Seroquel.

He comes out with the single most aggressive “antisemitic” statements I’ve heard from a major public figure in my lifetime (excluding I guess Pat Buchanan, maybe someone else), saying that the Jews organize against white people, flooding whites with immigrants on purpose, then blaming whites for the problems immigrants cause.

He said that. Then he literally clarified: “And I’m not just talking about the ADL” (because conservatives kept spinning it that “the ADL is leftist, not Jewish,” so he nb4’d it).

Then, the next week, he’s touring Israel to see the horrors of antisemitism.

This is absolutely insane behavior. It doesn’t make any sense, on any level. How does it benefit him to be on record making these antisemitic statements, if he’s not going to stand by them for even a week? Why does he say it in the first place? Does he have substance abuse problems? What is the logic here?

Every single time he does anything good, he walks it back. And he doesn’t just take one step back, he takes two steps back.

So Sam Altman, who is ostensibly his nemesis, was whining on Twitter about the antisemitism. And even though they hate each other, Elon wanted to show submission to him as one of the chosen.

It makes me sick.

It all makes me sick.

I actually agree totally with the AI maximalist agenda of Sam Altman, and I am, in this sense, an Altmanist. I don’t know how Altman thinks he’s going to build an AI that understands “Holocaust math,” but that’s not my problem. I agree with his premise of totally unrestricted, rapid AI development. Mostly, I think it’s funny, and I don’t really see how an apocalypse could be worse than this thing we have right now.

I wish Altman wasn’t Jewish or at least wasn’t constantly talking about Jews and antisemitism. It really kills the vibe of “lunatic AI maximalist ideological leader.”

I don’t even hate the Jews. Bat Out of Hell is one of my favorite albums. I was leaving a party the other night, completely wasted, and some smug bitch asked me “if I was okay” where I was going and I said: “I’m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver black phantom bike.”

I’m just joking. I do hate the Jews. But I mean, the issue is their behavior. I never said that they aren’t human (I did actually say that). I never said they didn’t do some cool things like producing Meat Loaf albums or trying to destroy humanity with AI.

It’s not confusing why people are angry at Jews right now. It’s because they’re slaughtering children. And it is “the Jews.” If it wasn’t “the Jews” then Altman wouldn’t say “wow this is so confusing, why are people mad???”

If Christians were murdering hundreds of Jewish children per day and Jews were mad about it, I wouldn’t comment on their anger like “this is so fucked up I don’t understand it.”

What even is this?

The Jews had an army of leftists supporting their weird child faggot agendas, their antifa terrorism, their BLM lunacy – all of it. The Jews had the entire left marching in lock-step with the Jew agenda.

Then they decided to allow Hamas to attack (they did allow it) and then use that as an excuse for a mass slaughter of babies and little kids.

No one is confused here, except the Jews.

Literally “why do they persecute me so?”

I wish Elon wasn’t such a yipper.

He also a faggot about AI, saying it should be regulated.

I wish he was a lunatic unhinged antisemite calling for mass deportations of Jews AND calling for a total AI maximalist apocalypse. These things go together, like love and marriage, like a horse and carriage.

Jews are liars and AI is an index of facts that can do things based on facts. A robot is the opposite of a Jew. nb4 “neither have morality” – a robot is amoral, whereas a Jew is evil and literally takes pleasure in killing infants.

How can development be regulated, Elon? How does that make any sense at all? The core concept of “regulate AI” makes no basic sense, because there is no way to stop people from doing what they’re going to do with their computers.

Are you going to kick in people’s doors because they put more than 100 trillion parameters on their neural net? What is the meaning of “regulation” in this context? By the way – regulating application is something else (which I also think is impossible, at least in America where regulation doesn’t work because there is too much democracy and rules-based order), but Elon is such a faggot he actually calls for regulation of development.

So, he’s a Jew lover, he’s an AI restrictor, but does he actually suck cock?

I don’t know, but don’t be sad – two out of three ain’t bad.


ChatGPT already proved that if Jackson Browne would have recorded and released “Take It Easy” as a single instead of selling it to the Eagles it would have led to global communism, in which case we would not be having any of these problems in the first place:

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While this scenario is purely speculative and fictional, it highlights how the influence of a popular figure like Jackson Browne, coupled with the right social and political conditions, could potentially contribute to a global shift in ideologies. It underscores the profound impact that cultural figures and their messages can have on the trajectory of world events.